Zealous Ending

Life teaches a lot of thing in its each stage. I have learnt my lessons with time and life has played an important role in that process. When, all of a sudden, unpredictably I came to know about the A-Z Challenge, I was very skeptical about it. I am a very lazy person and as far as writing/blogging is concerned, I am very moody. I write when I feel like, sometimes I can’t write for months as I don’t feel like writing. I was unsure that I could make it to the end. But today, I can proudly say that I have made it.

I can’t say, I have succeeded because I know some of my posts are very random and quite second-rate, but I must also acknowledge the fact that I haven’t given up, I have continued to write, to make mistakes and then rectify them. Now, when it’s over, I can feel the void, but yet I am content and happy. I can feel the zeal.

I’d like to thank those who took time to read my posts, commented and made me smile, also those who loved my blog and followed it. I’d like to thank team A-Z Challenge and all the hosts and so-hosts for giving us the opportunity to celebrate writing. Thank you J


This is Day 26, the very last day for the April A-Z Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet Z


  1. Awesome final post!

    Please visit my blog, http://www.thatgirlybookworm.blogspot.ca

    My theme featured books and their titles which started with the letter of the day. Congrats on finishing.

  2. My posts were random too and just off the cuff sort to speak. I like reading other bloggers and yours too! Hope to read more in the future. You made it!

  3. Congrats Champion, you've made it and with a bang:)

  4. Great going dear. Do not give up. Writing is my daily dose of living my dreams and making it a reality, but it's been a while since I am able to do justice to it and continue writing. Hope I will resume soon.

  5. It's great that you accepted the challenge and despite of all Ifs and Buts you completed. I had to leave it in the middle because of my frequent tests. Glad you enjoyed the writing.It's not the end but a fantastic start... keep writing :)

  6. Congrats on succesfully completing the challenge. What a month it was...

    Fellow a-z survivor..:)

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge. It has been a fun ride for sure.


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