Quality Time

Life becomes very hectic sometimes. Sometimes, a moment comes when you want to let everything go, sit back and count the good and bads of life. In some point, you feel an urge, a need for your loved ones. You might be sunk into busyness, but still, you will remember the short idyllic moment with your family and closest ones. Something our hearts yearn for a quality time spent with someone special. For me, it’s the family and my love. I don’t have many friends. My family and my boyfriend are my world. I love spending quality time with them.

I feel so blessed to have a family like this and to have a soul mate like my boyfriend. I love to include him to the family. He is like an extended family for me. In fact, at this moment, I am feeling an urge to get along with my family and plan a trip altogether.

One thing that I know and believe is Blood speak above everything. You may make a lot of friends, a lot of acquaintances but family is family, nobody can love you more than your family. I love my family. I wish to be born here again and again!

This is Day 17 for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet Q


  1. I prefer my friends to my family. I prefer my fiance's family to my own. I was the black sheep of my family so I just never felt like I fit in. So much judgment, so many put downs and verbal/mental abuse. When I was a kid I used to wish so much I was from another family and had different parents!


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