I don’t easily get pissed off, but there are certain things that piss me off really awfully. One of them is sarcasm. It may not be meant for me, but still, I hate it. I hate any kind of sarcasm. I also criticize people, point out their flaws, but I have never used sarcastic comments. It fills me with pain and disappointment. Sarcasm is something that is totally uncalled for, spiteful and it shows how sick you are from inside.

I had gone through this. There were few ‘friends’ in my class who thought themselves as if they are the who’s who of the class. A particular person from that group, used to use such sarcastic words, commented with pathetic sarcasm. That person thought as if she had all the rights to underestimate people. But today, I have sealed her mouth with my dignity, self-confidence and hard work.

Sarcasm is the easy way to hurt your opponent or may be the easiest way to throw up your anger. I believe in hard-earned respect or victory. Who wants to back-bite you, let them do that. You will shine someday as your destiny leads you. Do your best, you’ll shine and you won’t ever need to be sarcastic. 

This is Day 19 for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet S


  1. I try not to be sarcastic....sometimes I will say something that's clearly harmless teasing or a joke, but sarcastic-sounding and as long as the conversation has been light and funny, it's never taken the wrong way because it's not said out of anger or annoyance or fighting. I do, however, have a long history of being sarcastic with my mother because she and I don't get along and I refuse to let her mentally or emotionally abuse me anymore, thinking she can say terrible things to me and not expect me to get angry. But that's just me.

  2. sometimes sarcasm is used by those that are limited with communication skills especially in spontaneous situations. this does not mean they intentially are wanting to injure but just either don't have certain social skills which a major portion of them are based on communication or have not developed them.

  3. Do your best and you'll shine. I agree with that and it's quite a positive post, Sayantini:)


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