Observing Birds

You’ll know by now that I have nourished in me some weird hobbies. One of them is observing birds. When I was too young, we had a science assignment where we had to watch and observe birds and write down their features in a journal. That was the first time, when this grew inside me as a hobby. I used to keep a diary where I used to note down every ins and outs of the birds I saw at that time.

Our house is situated in such a place where a lot of trees and small water bodies are around. So, luckily I can observe a lot of different birds every day, especially in the morning. Kingfishers, woodpeckers, sparrows and some nameless beautiful birds can easily be observed from my place.

As a nature-lover, I cherish every encounter with nature by any means. I love my hobby. 

This is Day 15 for the April A-Z Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet O


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  2. some of my friends are avid birders and I marvel at their photos.


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