Night strolls

 You can definitely call me a night owl, but seriously, I love night strolling or wandering at night. During summers, my favourite time of the day starts from 10pm. I love taking small walks, meander around my house. Being a late riser myself, I don’t understand or don’t want to understand the meaning of hampering my cozy sleep at the early morning. So, as an alternative, I have chosen the night strolls over morning walks.

I love breathing in the summer breeze at the night. I love walking 15-30 minutes after dinner. I have successfully found out that it helps in digesting the carbohydrates we usually take in dinner. Do you love night strolls like me?

This is Day 14 for the April A-Z Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet N


  1. i am nocturnal also. love evening stars and night time breezes BUT i also wake up around 4:30am every day because i will have already slept five hours which is sufficient for me. do some of my best reading and creative thinking and writing during 4 and 7am.

    i enjoy young fresh minds.

    gracias for sharing

  2. Love strolling at Night. I always find it more serene and peaceful. Your post reminds me of my evening walks at Marine Drive:)

  3. Sounds good but unfortunately the dogs in my street thinks that as soon as sun sets, they own the roads. :'(

  4. I'm actually the opposite...I enjoy walks in the morning. I usually have my jammies on by 4 pm so I don't go out, except to take my dogs to potty in the backyard.

  5. i love night very much''': anything about night is beautiful, reading, travelling, roaming. ..its fun to read your blog especially poems.

  6. Love to wander around with my dog, usually morning works best.

  7. Night strolls sound lovely - but safety as always is the problem. :| Do you walk inside your neighbourhood or something?


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