Religion and Racism

This week, I'll posting my views about some thoughts and events that are stirring the society by any means. 

Once I saw a little girl and her mother in the toy section of a mall. They were deciding which doll the girl should get for her birthday. When the girl said “You choose, mamma” the mother chose a Barbie doll for her. The girl said “Why this, mamma?” the mother said “Because she is so beautiful, fair, just like you.”
I was surprised to see how a mother is teaching her daughter. What lesion she gave to her child? Fair people are beautiful, and others are not? Aren't we mature enough to teach our children how a person should be judged? That the complexion is not at all a parameter to judge a person’s beauty? Is this 221st century?

Even today, parents suggest their kids not to mingle with people who don’t belong to their class or caste. I so want to ask them, what is a class/caste actually? Are we born with it, a label of caste? Is it something related to the biology? No, it’s not. Caste system is something that we made ourselves, it a man-made system that was once created to empower a certain group of people and we, like some fools, have settled it in our minds as a religion. We are still upholding this.

This is the time to open up our closed minds. It’s now or never. If you can’t do it at least don’t stop your children. They are the future of the society. For your religion’s sake and for your parenthood’s sake, please let your child become a human. Let them chose their friends because friendship is more divine than religion.   

This is Day 18 for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet R


  1. i enjoy your last analysis that...friendship is more devine than religion. it's nice to witness young people creating their own path and recognizing the errors of their 'father's'

  2. While I do agree with most of what you say I see nothing wrong with a mother picking a doll that reminds her of her child. I don't really think that is teaching racism. I do think that children get it all much better than the adults of this world. However, with saying that, I do have certain values that I want my kids to have so I will help them see what it is that I want them to see. When they become adults then they can chose. But children need guidance and why would I not guide them in my own beliefs. Thanks for a post that makes ones thing\k!!

  3. Racism is bad. Painting 'black' as bad and 'white' is good (in terms of skin color, is bad. So parents does have an awful job of guiding their children of treating people as a person with dignity however different they may be.


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