For this week of the A-Z challenge, I have decided to write something from my memories, something in the past that made me what I am today.

Yes, I am lustful AND I lust for travelling.  This is called wanderlust. My father has got itchy feet too. When my sister and I were very small, he took us and mum for a holiday to Mussoorie (situated in Uttarakhand, India). That was the first time I felt something, I knew that this is the time I was going to love forever. Eventually, I found myself to be correct in this matter. After that tour, we went for different places in India. I never have travelled abroad, but I wish this dream comes into reality very soon.

Among all other places, I love being in mountains. I don’t know what made me feel like this, but I think it’s my father’s influence. He is a mountain-lover himself. When I travel to mountains, I feel like I am breathing after a long time. I feel so fresh from within. I know it by heart, if given a chance in life, I’d chose to live in the mountains forever. 

Today is Day 12 for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2014. Today's theme- Alphabet L


  1. I love to travel too, even if it's just a road trip within my own area or state. I haven't done near as much traveling as I would have liked to by this age but I have seen quite a few cool things in the USA and western Canada.

    1. USA has some good scenic beauties. Come to India once, India is also enriched with geographical versatility. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Just stopping by from the A-Z list to say "Hi" and wish you good luck with the rest of the challenge :) xx

  3. I have a case of wanderlust too-- excellent post :)

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  4. Hi Miss Wanderlust,
    Firstly let me tell you that I have read everything (that was available in the internet) about you and all of your writing, just in one day or just in one sitting. I love your enthusiasm for writing, but more than that I love your LUST for TRAVELLING. Its good to know that you love to be friend, but unfortunately your fb profile do not have an add friend option, by which I could have been your social friend.
    Your writings are very good and descriptive ones, but standard of the language is very average, which is not good from a writers point of view. Hopefully you will take this(my effort-full comment) in a positive note, and start to work upon it. Soon I must read your writing in some books. All the best. With love.

    1. Hi Akash, thanks for your time that you spent on reading my posts. It's great to be known by my posts but I love to be addressed by my real name too :) Yes, my I've made my FB settings like this so that my privacy isn't hampered in any way. I have a different page for my blog, you can contact me there anytime. Trust me, I answer all the messages I get on my FB page. Thank you for liking my posts. It feels great. As far as writing is concerned, I love it to be simple and unrhetorical. I have always loved the simplicity of language that I use in my posts that are meant to be memoirs or discussions. So, I don't understand what you mean by saying "standard of the language is very average". I beg your pardon for that. You can always check the poetry section of this blog. I love to make my poems enriched with ornate language while pouring my heart out. Thank you once again. I've taken your comment in a positive way and would work on my writing so that I make it a little more than average. Thanks for having faith in me and my writing. Oh, one more thing, there are two poems that already have been published in two anthologies (check right side bar) and one more poem is ready to make it's place in an upcoming anthology. Will let you know after the publication :)


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