Mystery Novels

From my childhood, I have grown in an environment where books were considered the only companion that could prove to be productive. My father used to hold a library membership and he used to bring so many Bengali literary works to home. That was the beginning of my love for books. At first, after ending up with the children’s literature, I grabbed what my father brought, no matter how intricate the words and the style were.

Then one day my father bought me two detective books. The books contained 20-30 mystery stories each. You’ll know my feeling at that time if you are a mystery/thriller lover yourself. I can remember, at the age of 12, I wrote a detective story myself. The theme of the story was very cliche, but it was my first completed story. My sister loves to read that story still now.

Even now, if given a choice to choose between a hoard of books, I would chose to read a detective book first. How many of you love detective books/mystery novels?

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  1. The Nancy Drew books were very popular when I was a kid....mystery books written for kids, which were pretty cool and spooky. I can't say I've read any mysteries since those days though.


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