The Seven A’s of My Life

Today, on the last day of the Write Tribe Festival of Words, I am going to list the seven A’s of my life. There are several things that are very important in my life. Check my list-

  • Ambition: I am very ambitious. I want to progress in life and achieve everything that is meant for me. I don’t believe in rat race, instead I believe in creating my own path to success. I want to succeed in life and fulfill my dreams.

  • Affection: I am the first child to my parents and first grandchild to my grandparents. I have always been pampered by the family. I love affection; I easily get attracted to affectionate people. Maybe that’s why people end up loving me. I get love from everybody. I don’t have an enemy and you can take my words on it.

  • Attention: I love to be everybody’s attention, not in a ridiculous way and not everybody’s attention but only whom I love. If I am sitting somewhere and anyone don't notice me, I get cross. But, on the other hand, I don’t like to be on stage, I don’t like everybody is looking at me only. I only seek attention from my dearest ones.

  • Abstinence: I am a very controlled and composed person. I do whatever is right according to me. I think a lot about things, about rights and wrongs. I think I was brought up like that. The lessons I learnt in life has made me what I am today. I now know what is wrong for me and I avoid it. There are certain situations that are hard to ignore and there are incitements that are hard to avoid, but then I close my eyes and talk to myself and make the right decision and choose the right path.

  • Appreciation: When I do something, I do it with utmost earnestness. I want people to appreciate my endeavour. But, some people are too lazy to value your work. I love appreciating people. Whatever the work is, I try to encourage them for their effort. I have got a lot of appreciation from a lot of people in my life. I am lucky. I thank god for that.

  • Adventure: I am keenly adventurous person by heart. I have a secret desire to trek on mountain trails and to go to a jungle safari. I am an adventure-story lover. They have influenced me a lot. I have never been to a jungle but I really want to have that adventure in my life. I hate boredom, so I love adventures.

  • Amusement: Life without amusement is like an ice-cream without ice. Everybody needs entertainment in their life. I can’t imagine my life without any amusement. I live by that. I have to have books, television, computer, mobile phone, internet, music and amusement parks in my life.

The names of the two most important males in my life, my father and my boyfriend, also starts with A. So, A is a very important letter in my life. How did you like it guys? So, what is the most important letter in your life? Which ‘A’ has the most important role in your life?

So, today is the 7th and the last day of the Write Tribe Festival of Words. I want to thank Corinne for this amazing experience. I have found some wonderful writers here. 

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013


  1. This write up took me to the days when I was 22... that time I had Another "A" n that was ANGER...Luckily its not the same today I am more composed now.
    "A" plays a very imp part in my life too,
    My dad's name,Brother's name,Best Male Friend's name And best female Friend's name start with "A"!!!

    1. Luckily I don't get angry easily, and even if I get angry, I manage to control the outbursts. Thanks for the comment Garima :)

  2. Love the 7-er and that's the best way to a truly happy and joyful life. Simple mantras but fulfilling and stay the way u are:)


  3. Awesome.... Affection and adventure ...very important for me...loved the post...

  4. Its such a touching post girl! I love Affection, attention from my near and dear ones!

  5. A certainly seems to be an important word in your life. Another important A I have learned over the years is Acceptance - of situations, events, things, people. It's made my life infinitely easier. Nice post.

    1. Yes, Acceptance is equally important in life. Very well said. Thanks for the lovely comment Suzy :)

  6. ummmmmmmmmm...........touchy one....& BTW there are 3 A in my name too....:D

  7. I will follow all these "A's":-)

  8. ambition,affection,appreciation n attention ...very important for me...
    very interesting u dear <3..keep sharing such posts...enjoyed reading them..
    will say again u r v talented n sweet :)

    my recent one :

  9. A+ for this post. Beautifully written...:)

  10. really lovely post..


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