Next-Gen Anniversary

Gaurav was indolently doodling on his digi-slate. It has been a 5 minutes flight to the office from home. This was his first drive in his brand new Flyer car. Technology has grown to a great extent. 30 years ago, even an idea of a flying car was just a myth and only used in some high budget fictitious movies. But it is 2030, everything has evolved and new ideas have emerged. Flying car, talking PCs which are called Dialogue PCs, Microchip Memorizer or Mind Callers have become the essentials of life. Everything has changed accept one, WOMEN! They haven’t changed; their anger, their mood-swings, pointless egotism and sensitiveness have remained the same.

Last year Gaurav had forgotten their wedding anniversary. And he had to pay for it, Anjali took almost two and a half weeks to start acting normal and talk to him. Thank god, he remembered it before time. Tomorrow is their anniversary and he managed to remember this anyhow before midnight. Only one thing was moving in his head, the line once said by Anjali, “Diamonds are girls’ best friend”. So, he decided to gift a solitaire ring to his loving and precious wife. This also could be presented as a repentance of his previous sin.

In 2030, online shopping or teleshopping is not a hassle anymore. Gaurav’s father used to talk about his experiences with online shopping, like how he was in a shopping spree and used to buy things online every other day. He used to talk about the downsides of online shopping, how his t-shirts came in smaller sizes and he had to return them back and claim refunds, or how his favourite watch came with a poor battery and he spent all his pocket money on it. But, now, the dimension of online shopping has reached a new edge. With the help of modern technology, online shopping has become a blessing.

His thoughts lingered for a few minutes but then he realized that there is one more hour to 12. So, he at once, turned on his Dialogue PC. He opened with a password and opened a browser for the online shopping portal. A noise became apparent and the PC screen reflected a sudden white light. A third dimensional holographic screen came into sight straight away. A female voice echoed in the room, “How may we assist you sir?” Then Gaurav faced his right palm towards the holographic screen and uttered “Diamond Rings”. Then numerous diamond rings with different designs showed up in the semi-translucent screen. Within a few minutes Gaurav chose the one that would be Anjali’s choice. As soon as he chose the ring, the female voice tinkled again, “Thank you for choosing your product sir. How would you like to pay? We have three simple options- CREDIT CARD PAYMENT, E-BANKING and HAND ON HAND PAYMENT.” Gaurav was running out of time. So he decided to buy it on HAND ON HAND. He enunciated the word “HAND ON HAND PAYMENT” and a round whitish sub-screen appeared that proclaimed ‘Insert Money’. Gaurav inserted the certain amount of money into the white loop and another loop opened up swiftly, which was inscribed as ‘Take Away’. Gaurav stretched his hand beneath the loop and a parcel with a gift wrap dropped on his hand.

It was 12:00 am, Gaurav excitedly connected to Anjali's Mind-caller device and wished her happy anniversary. He was finally happy and satisfied. Now this anniversary won’t be wasted in silly fights and reticence. Fortunately this third dimensional, Gen-Z technology exists today, or else there would be another World War. 

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