The Epitome of Love


I stare at the lustrous, spangled sky.
With my love beside me,
Lying on the grass carpet,
Pretending his hand as my pillow.
I blush, he stares at me,
I blush again with a smile.
He puts his finger up in the air,
Showing the seven bright stars
Amongst the millions little sparks in the sky,
And says, “These seven depicts our love”.
I smile again and ask, ‘How?’
He says with his eyes closed,
‘The first one form the left is the symbol of our union.
And the second from the left,
Denotes the vividness of the vows we made.
The third of the stars symbolizes,
The purity of our love, the sanctity of our souls.
The next one depicts the dreams that we have woven together,
The fifth luminous speck points the loyalty
That we gifted each other.
The sixth one says that we are inseparable,
Only death do us part.’
And I ask then, fretfully,
‘And what does the little one at the end stands for?’
He smiled and replied, with my hands on his,
‘The little one embodies the little soul,
That will be our world.’

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013


  1. Hmm! So THERE is the reason why in weddings here the couple are supposed to look at the Saptarishi Mandal. :)

    They call it "Seeing Arundhati", however

    1. I am sure about it now, Sir! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Wow! beautiful poem. I dont know if I can ever attempt one.

    1. Sugandha, thanks a lot. I will be happy to read your poem, try writing one!

  3. Wow this is fabulous! Such a romantic poem on the take. Beautiful indeed.

  4. That was absolutely beautiful!

  5. A beautiful starry poem about the heavenly beings. Loved it Keep it up.

  6. Awww :) so cute. Must be a lucky guy :)

  7. Beautiful poem ..beautifully written
    my hubby is a great poet too..will show him as well..
    u r v talented...keep sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much for the honor Tejinder. Would love to read Mr. Kaur's poem :)

  8. the words are so beautiful and the pic is equally mesmerising!

  9. such a creative work! really nice....keep sharing! gd luck:)

  10. Aaaaahhh..... so Romantic!!

  11. This is so lovely - the poem, the setting and the glorious words he speaks to his beloved. Sigh. Heartlifting to read!

    1. Sherry, you are always very supportive! Thanks for the wonderful words :)

  12. beautifully penned :)

    you can check out my post here:-
    Karan - Grand Mother

  13. Lovely expressions ! Thanks for sharing ..

  14. Wow wow wow ... truly romantically superb :-)

  15. smiles...i love looking at the stars...and what a romantic moment between them...his 7 points are really cool...he either knows how to work it or has his heart in the right place...

  16. Are these also the Pleiades? I love your bringing your personal story to us via your cultural stories. This is rich, romantic, and touching. I truly loved it.

  17. That was simply a fabulous expression of the meaning of love...and expression thereof...


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