Seven Unforgettable Memories

This is Write Tribe Festival of Words day 3 and I am running out of time. I don’t know what made me late today but, still there’s plenty of time remaining to do a little reminiscence. Today, I am going to share with you seven unforgettable memories of my life, some happy and some sad. I am listing them according to their occurrence.
  1. On the top of the list will be, when I became an elder sister for the first time. My mom gifted me a bundle of joy covered in a white cloth. I don’t really remember everything but the day when my mom got admitted at the hospital, I remember that day quite clearly. I was only four then, but for the very first time, I acted like a matured girl and didn't cried for my mom. I was given a responsibility, so I was very excited. The first time when I got to see mom and my baby sister, I was more than just happy. I tried to pick her up from the cradle but I was not allowed to do that. But after they both came home, I played with her like she was my toy. I could never ever forget this memory. It will be treasured forever.
  2. Right after my sister arrived home, I was sent to the school for the first time. It was not really weird for me to be among a number of kids. It didn't bother me at all. I was always very gregarious person, very extrovert and very friendly. I went with anybody, be it our neighbor, dad’s friend or our maid. I loved being out. And, I know my mother was very worried for this. So, being that extrovert, I never felt like that I am way from home; my mom is not with me, because I was so used to it. Where many of my friends cried for their moms, I kept quiet and watched them. I made a couple of friends, we shared our lunch, we sat a together and had fun. So, first school memory is unforgettable for me.
  3. Few months before my uncle’s marriage, we needed to shift to another house for some reasons. I was so sad to know that we got to live in a separate house without my grandparents and uncle. But, soon I realized the reason for the decision that my parents took. I was a growing child. I understood the problems. This was one of the bitter memories I have.
  4. My 8th birthday was very special. All of my friends from school and form dance school were invited. My father was always stayed home that day and decorated the house with balloons and all that. My sister and I used to cut the cake together. My friends were there, my family was there and I got a lot of gifts too!
  5. Now I have to jump right on to the age of 17, because no special thing happened to me in between. At the age of 17, I found my first love. And, the feelings of first love don’t need any description. You all know about it. I fell for him as he fell for me at the same time. I found my first love within my best friend. The moments are etched in my mind in the truest sense of the words. He is my best friend till now and my guide and everything. I will never forget the first day of our journey.
  6. My grandmother died of cancer one year back. She was truly an inspiration for me, a bold, modern lady. It’s unimaginable that a lady of 70 believing in live-in relationships and indulging inter-caste marriages. I mean, how many of her age would do that? My boyfriend is not my caste but my grandmother was so excited for our marriage. Sadly she isn't here to see us getting married. I felt so lonely after she left us. But, amazingly, it doesn't feel like she is not around us anymore. Like we all know that she left us but it seems like she is with us always.  
  7. This is one of my most special memories. The moment I thought of writing a blog, I never dreamt of becoming very famous or never thought that a lot of people would appreciate my work. I used to write for myself. Gradually I got a few members, and then one day, there was a blast. A lot of people visited my blog, commented on my posts and followed me. And, I was amazed to see it happen. I had no idea that I could make them feel happy by writing my thoughts. That day was the most memorable day. I started believing in myself. You inspired me and still you empower me.

That was the seven mixed memories that I will never forget. There will be more memories that I would want to cherish but these are the eternal. Sorry for the late post. But, I promise to write within time from now on. Hope you liked my post. Feel free to comment and share. Have a great day ahead! 

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013


  1. Nice post GM Saya Have a great Day :)

  2. Memories bitter and sweet are all that make a life enjoyable.

  3. You have very beautifully expressed different emotions attached to lovely memories...nice trip down your memory lane..:)

  4. Pretty Unforgettable Memories...The First Love and The Blogging one I liked the most..Happy Blogging.. :-)

  5. Memories are what lasts for ever


  6. memories when they are in making we never realise what a treasure it will turn into one day

    you can check out my post here-
    Karan - Brother

  7. Had a wonderful read dear.. :-)
    Such sweet adorable memories...Precious!

    you are blessed dear...

    Lots of Love and best wishes


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