The mill, named ‘All Factory’, is full of hurly-burly like any other day. The workers are all geared up. They are all ready for the day. Mr. Whiff is the supervisor of all the employees in the factory. They work to turn out fragrances. The process begins with a gust of gas entering the streamer- where the first phase of the processing begins. Then the labors start their own jobs. Mrs. Concha works as a director at the Turbinate Chambers. She helps to redirect the gas through the streamer to the membranous compartment where the gas is transformed into fragrance. There are almost 100 millions receptors working hard to convert gases into fragrances. After the hard job, the receptors send the details to the Vice-Administrators, Mr. Bulb and his companions, whose office is at the backside of the factory. Now, the employees working under Mr. Bulb and his colleagues, transmits the reports and the details of the production of the fragrances to the Higher Authority, the Production Head and the Fuhrer, Mr. Brains. He goes through the reports with extreme deliberation and labels the samples of the fragrances as per their attribution, like good, bad or average; or he might sometimes marks them as, happy, sad or memorable. This is how a normal working day is spent in ‘All Factory’.


Meanwhile in the Town…

Pari sat on the staircase, dejectedly. Raka, her little puppy was lost. She sank into the memories of Raka. Her eyes seemed to be awaiting, tired and sleep-deprived. The redness suggested the heart-break and the restless previous night. She covered her mournful face with her two clammy palms, so that nobody could see her tears. She couldn’t think of other things except for her small bundle of joy, her best mate, Raka. She reminded of his mischievous activities and playfulness. She remembered how he used to irritate her with hiss wet nose and how he used to scare her by smearing himself with mud. He always smelt of mud and wet earth because he loved being in the morasses all the time. Even right after bathing, he wouldn't mind playing in the puddle.
Pari was impulsive and was eager to meet Raka and hug him. Suddenly, with a sudden whiff, a wave of very familiar smells broke through her nostrils. And, she felt like some hullabaloos were going on inside her nose. And, in a snap, the pictures of Raka were clear in her head. Pari got agitated and she went on to find her dog here and there, unselectively. She followed her nose and finally found Raka in the mire behind the big tub of a plant in the garden. He was digging the mud for the whole night. The buckle of his belt was the only thing that was identifiable. Pari was so happy!

The Finishing Note-

Smelling is reminiscing; smelling is evoking your most cherished memories. Sometimes, smells take us to an adventurous and fascinating journey to the world, where we all intend to visit once, the world of treasured memories. Smell creates the trail to your dear ones, the fondest memories and the most special places and most favourite foods. It’s like feeling without seeing. This is how blind people easily recognize anything.

"Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived."- Helen Keller

This is my second entry for the Amipur Smelly to Smiley Contest held by IndiBlogger.


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