Lessons Of Love

Le Boy is stressed. He loves a girl but she has given him an assignment first, she has asked him to tell her what he can do for her. Now, Le Boy is thinking about getting some tips on love form some legendary lovers. He has got a new smart phone and has downloaded a smart app called WeChat. WeChat allows someone to chat with anybody anywhere. It has a special feature of voice chatting too. So, he has decided to  invite the following people on chat.

Ram- The legendary son, brother and husband.
Meera Bai- The legendary lover who loved Lord Krishna in her imagination.
Plato- The legendary philosopher.
Saleem- The legendary lover.
Anarkali- The legendary lover who sacrificed her life for her beloved.
Romeo- The legendary lover.
Juliet- The legendary lover.
Johnny Bravo- The legendary Casanova.

Le Boy: I can see here a number of legendary lovers. Welcome all.

Romeo: Forget about welcoming; tell me what are we doing here in 21st century?

Ram: Yes, and I am even from Treta Yug. Do you have any idea how long it takes?

Everyone (except Le Boy) in chorus: Yes, yes.

Le Boy: This is called WeChat. By this app one can chat with as many people as they want. It’s about having a conversation sitting in your home with anyone from anywhere.

Everyone starts discussing with each other about this unfeasible thing in a muffled voice.

Le Boy: Quiet people. Look, I am in a huge trouble. I love a girl...

Saleem: That seriously is a problem.

Anarkali: What did you just said?

Le Boy: Chill pals, I haven’t yet completed my sentence.

Saleem : Ok, ok go on.

Le Boy: So, I was saying that, I love a girl, but she doesn’t take me seriously. She asked me that what I can do for her. You guys are famous for your love-stories. Please tell me what I should do to get her.

Meera Bai: Love is not all about possessing someone. It’s not about calculating what you gained and what you lost. It’s all about devotion.

Johnny Bravo: Ohh stop it crazy woman! It’s 21st century, now if you do nothing to make a girl stay with you, she will kick you on the back and leave with another one.

Plato: You old stupid cartoon! What do you know about Platonic love? All you have done in your lifetime, sorry toontime, is got slapped, either by the girl or by her boyfriend!

Johnny: Platonic love? Are you kidding me? Have you ever kissed a girl? I guess not. Grapes are sour Mr. Plato!

Plato tried to say something but stammered a lot and decided to better stay unspoken.

Ram: I don’t believe in courtship. I only believe in marriage. Marriage is something that merges two lives divinely and eternally. Boy, you should not go for a pre-marital relationship. Talk to her father and get married.

Romeo: But, Mr. Ram, as far as I know, you banished your wife from your life and made her walk on the fire only because your countrymen asked you to do so? Is that love? Is that a relationship meant for? Does marriage allow us to do this kind of brutality?

Ram was quiet for a long time. Then Saleem breaks the silence.

Saleem: Boy, you shouldn't think about marrying her right now. You should be more focused on loving her. Like, Saleem and Anarkali are famous in the world for their love for each other, we didn’t get chance to get married but we loved each other completely.

Anarkali: Yes, and love is more powerful and more honourable than marriage. It’s the love that matters in a relationship; knots can be tied between anybody.

Le Boy: But, how can I impress and how can I convince her that is the real question and the actual topic of this group chat.

Meera: Forget about the advices the dumbheads are getting you and follow my instructions instead. Tell her that you want to touch her soul, caress her feelings and nothing else matters to you.

Juliet: And be prepared for her rejection.

Meera: What do you mean little girl? What do you know about love?

Juliet: What do I know about love! Silly! I am the queen of the history of romance.

Anarkali: Sorry did you say Queen! You are more the Dunce of the history of romance.

Juliet: Mind your language lady! What made you think that I am a dunce?

Anarkali: Because you drank poison which was fake, deceived your boyfriend into believing your fake death and made him kill himself and then killed yourself too. What is the conclusion of the story?

Juliet: But that was all because of the Friar. That wet blanket!! He was supposed to tell Romeo about that bloody plan!

Romeo: Love kills Boy! It leaves you with pangs and nothing but pangs. But in death too you could find the sweetness of the lilies and the warmth of ginger ale.

Le Boy: Then, you want me to hang myself for the girl?

Johnny: Boy, you shouldn’t obey to this nonsense fictional characters. Let me tell you, girls are just like punching bags, punch them and they will punch back.

Le Boy: Sorry, I didn't get you...a punching bag?

Meera: O stupid cartoon! Are you advising him to beat up the girl to make her agree with what he says?

Plato: I disagree!

Johnny: This is the problem with you ancient mentalities. What I said was a metaphor. I wanted to say, make her feel jealous, flirt with her best friend, and she will be yours in a snap!

Le Boy: Does this really work? Have you tried it?

Romeo: Tried and got beaten. Don’t listen to this cartoon Boy, a girl never apologises a traitor.

Ram: Yes, yes.

Saleem: You stop it.

Ram again was silent.

Le Boy: Ohh stop it! You’re getting on my nerves now.

Ram: But we thought we’re helping you out.

Everybody in chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Le Boy: But now I don’t need you. I will propose to her tomorrow and I will be prepared for the consequences too. The only thing I learnt from this conversation is love is a complicated fad. One need to be patient, optimistic and should never try anybody’s theory to reach the final level. It should     be apt and spontaneous. There’s no formula of getting a girl.

Everyone in chorus: But what about our ideas?

Le Boy: No need of them. Thank you for being my guest and letting me know about the different shades and dimensions of love. Without this chat I might not get the right direction. Now, I will switch off the mobile and dream of her and of tomorrow when I will propose to her.

Everyone: Cheers Boy. You can start a new session of WeChat whenever you want us.

Le Boy: Let it be. I love WeChat.


And, later on Le Boy and Le Girl lived happily ever after.

This is created for the Indiblogger-WeChat Contest 'We Chat With Anyone, Anywhere'.
Linked to WeChat's YT Chanel.


  1. Love is complicated for sure ... a brilliant story, and narration ... all the best :-)

  2. Good story that you have woven there. One small edit that you might want to consider is that you could make the thumbnails uniform, use square thumbnails of the same size (50 x 50)!

    Best of the luck for the contest. Could you have look at one (or more) of my posts too (I have four for the contest)? http://shaumikthinks.blogspot.in/search/label/wechat

    1. Tried a lot but they are too stubborn to change! Thanks for the suggestion and the lovely comment, Shaumik :)

  3. hahha :) loved the narration :) and surely the meaning it wanted to convey is true :) All the best for the contest :)


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