O queen of my midnight dreams,
O princess of moonlit night,
Deified love, eternal charm,
I worship you, day and night,
I desire you, I crave for you,
O nameless holy love-lady,
My dream, my enchanted night-sky,
My vision or reality?
My love or devotion?
I caress your golden locks,
Contemplate your enchanting eyes,
I kiss on your blushing cheeks,
I hold you but can’t possess.
I whimper like lunatics do,
‘You’re mine, you’re mine’, I howl,
But you don’t even care,
Is there a smile on your lips, I doubt.
O my divine love,
Your name I do not knew,
Aphrodite, I named you.
I wish someday I get you,
In some other universe, under another sky,
I would hold your hands,

And won’t leave them ever.


  1. Beautiful, Loved every single line :)
    And I love the look of your blog :D

  2. i wimper like lunatics...and the howl...oh that makes this felt...very cool verse...

  3. Nice Poem.... :-)

  4. Nice poem sayantini....u had written it for IBL na...hmm...

    1. Thanks Ritesh and yes, you're right. This was for IBL but it has not been selected for submission.

  5. No probs....it is good in its own right... :)

  6. I love "in some other universe, under another sky".........


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