Adornment of the Rain


Spectral haze blitzes,
Lustrous pearls drop from the blue,
Shrivelled hearts flutter.

She entangles her hair,
Drips moisture on the gravel,
Enchanting vision.

Mystic clouds amass,
Darkness rises from the verge,
Dazzling sparks emerge.

She fastens her hair,
With diamond pins here and there,
Glints bliss everywhere.

This is my tribute to the Monsoons. Though I don't like rain much, but it always manages to amaze me somehow. This poem is to all the Monsoon-lovers. Get wet, be blessed and take care.


  1. beautiful poem !!

  2. Very Nice Lines...Beauty of Rain well depicted..

  3. Wow ... as expected from you ... a beautiful rain poem ... loved it :-)

  4. very nice, liked this line the most- "With diamond pins here and there,"


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