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Style is something that lies within you; it describes you, your inner self. It is the actual prominent definition of you. Fashion doesn’t matter; it only keeps you updated with the trend. So, never mix fashion and style, they are actually opposites.
Shopping, to every woman, is a drug of choice. It gives you the opportunity to polish up your style. And, what a woman will choose when it comes to shopping in a right place, is undoubtedly Shopper’s Stop. It is one of the largest chains of Indian departmental stores. Now I've found out a way to catch them up on the go, an ONLINE STORE by Shoppers Stop.

November-December this time period is very special to all of us, as it’s the time for festivities. Starting with nine extravagant nights of Navaratri, then four days of Durga Puja, luminous Diwali and then finally comes Christmas. All of these festivals bring happiness and smiles to everybody. But these festivals are nothing without shopping, be it gifts or new clothes. I am going now to show you some of my picks from Shoppers Stop for this festive season-

1.My first ensemble describes the Indian-ness inside you. Saree is something that doesn't need anything to accessorize, because it itself is a gorgeous accessory. I think Indian women are incomplete without a Saree, it is the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe. The following ensemble is for wedding or festivals like Navaratri, Durga Puja and Diwali.

2.My next ensemble is for something that ladies always cherish, a sassy Red dress. A symbol of womanhood, a symbol of class. How can I forget that! Imagine yourself in this outfit, partying on Christmas or New Year's eve. Do you really want to open your eyes?

These are the ensembles that I adore very much. This is my entry for the Shoppers Stop Perfect Look contest on Indiblogger. Thanks for reading.

All images are from Shoppers Stop Website, edited by me. 
This post is a part of Indiblogger contest .


  1. Sarees seem to be the favourite of all. Most of the entries have it!
    All the best!

    1. Yeah Sarees are a woman's all time favorite! Thanks for wishing me luck :)

  2. Hey lovely ensembles :)

    Wishing you all the best!

  3. lovely picks sayantini :)

  4. Hey! Those are lovely combinations!! All the Best!!! Cheers!!

  5. Perfect match :-) All the best for the contest

  6. Lovely ensembles. Good you included perfume too :-) good luck!

  7. wow, nice post. Especially I like the definition of style and fashion and the comparison. cool. keep it up.

  8. Congratulations for winning the award. Even I posted for the contest ;p


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