Rebirth of a Woman

Women protesting Delhi Gang-rape

You can smash her dreams,
Trample down her soul,
Or, tear apart, her inner core;
Demolish her grace, shatter her life,
And can even slay her mortal body.
You will still be unaware of that
Her words are still echoing in the air,
Her voice in the atmosphere;
Her memories shall never be faded,
Her fight will never be done.
You will find her in every single girl.
Her tears in every girl’s eyes,
Her screams will reciprocate,
Through millions of women,
Strangers, but still synchronized,
By a thread; called Humanity.
Their words will detonate,
Will make your heart shiver,
Their soft, limber hands,
Will throttle you, unexpectedly.
You will be punished, punished for sure,
By that woman, afflicted, tormented,
Distressed, disgraced;
And, show you all,
Rather than those tedious sighs,
Silent Rebirth of a Woman. 

This poem is a Loud Protest against the shameful Delhi Gang Rape happened a few days earlier. The victim has died yesterday. This is a tribute to her unfinished fight to live a healthy life. May her soul rest in peace.

This is shared with Theme Thursday, the prompt is Rebirth.
And, it's also linked to 3WW and the words for this week were Detonate, Limber & Tedious.


  1. I salute the Brave Heart. May her soul RIP

  2. Haunting yet a beautiful tribute I would say....


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  4. Not only those 6, but every damn culprit should be severely punished.

  5. Hi Sayantini,

    Indeed, Indian women need a rebirth, a vigor to fight it out till the end, a power which elevates them to another level of consciousness. Lovely poem Sayantini.
    Happy New Year to you.


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  6. Yes, a haunting tribute, full of the strength of womanhood. A rallying cry by a woman warrior.

  7. Nicely expressed Sayantini. I have shared my views in one of my posts (am not a poet like yourself though!!).
    Read on:
    Whom are we protesting against?

  8. a tribute expressed well, I hope in your country the women take take there rightful place as equals and those that perpetrate evil are condemned, a big ask that will take time

  9. Nice. I also wrote a poem on this --

  10. Very well written. A great tribute.

  11. She has died but certainly stirred our society like no one else. I wish she didn't have to die for this.

  12. Very emotional poem.

    We are all overwhelmed by what happens to many women in our country. The Delhi episode was an eye-opener.

  13. I was so saddened by the story of this woman's brutal attack, and the patriarchal response to such crimes. In this day and age, it is shameful that men still think women are theirs for the taking and that they are the cause of their own abuse. I support your cause 100% and add my voice to the outrage. Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  14. many people live to do just nothing

    few people live and make others life happy

    few people are born for the society

    and very few people give thier life for the sake of humnanity.

    let her soul rest in peace.

    atleast after this we boys should be determined to help a girl in risk.

  15. heart rending, as it should be... thank you for offering your compassion, your humanity as a light for all of us in honor of this young woman.

    1. Thank you so much Laura!! It's a pleasure writing something for her!

  16. Both brilliant and beautiful, this poem is an apt tribute to not only the one, but to all. Blessings to you!

  17. May her death not be in.vain. let 2013 be a time of justice and peace for all

  18. A stirring tribute, indeed! Let us pray that her death will awaken a new era in the ongoing global effort to allow every woman to live without fear of this kind of horror!

  19. Maybe you'd be interested in this-

    MUSE FOR WOMEN GROUP is planning to publish a book as a tribute to the raped Indian girl

    Theme: Rape - Causes and Consequences
    Deadline: January 10, 2013

    1. Yes I am. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  20. "Her words are still echoing in the air,
    "Her voice in the atmosphere"

    I'm so very sorry this young woman has died, but your words are her words, and your voice her voice. Perhaps the day will come when we women need no longer fear such attacks. Perhaps men will learn.

    1. Thanks Kay. Looking for the day when men finally would learn to see girls as normal human being, not as a commodity..

  21. Wat a wonderful tribute to the brave heart.

  22. A real tribute and let this voice resonate every where....

  23. I hope and pray that the death of the Delhi rape victim would not go in vain. I would love to see an India where women are respected and valued. I serve as a doctor in a rural area of the country and from my experience, this is going to be a long journey. The issues of women rural India are much more than what urban women face and this is where we are going to face the real challenges.

  24. I am not sure if you read what I wrote about the women in Egypt who are being raped in the streets if they join in the protests about their new dictatorship government. Women are treated like crap in so many places and some men feel they can do what they want to them. Such a sad thing going on in the world and I think it has been going on for hundreds of years. It seems like somehow it should have stopped during what they call the "civilized era".

    But I also think what is hard for me to understand is that most of these men were raised by women and why they have such little respect and hatred for women. I cannot even say they would not do this to the women in their family because so many men do despicable things to female family members. I guess if a man is evil then he is truly evil to everyone.

    I truly hope justice is served for this woman and that her attackers never hurt another female again. Locking them up is the only way to keep women safe. Thank you for writing about this and keeping us informed. Awareness is one of our ways to hopefully someday end this terrible injustice.

    Also thank you for being patient in my slowness to visit. I hope to be better soon. Happy TT.

    God bless.

  25. a tribe for her, great energy and power in your sentiments.

    Happy Rally.

  26. I hope that the braveheart's death will not go in vain. Let us Indians awake and make a change to empower our women and restore their dignity!!


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