A Drive by the Snowy Boulevard

Picture by Andy Magee

Driving by the silvery path
On the Christmas fortnight,
Seems to be stinging deep,
Into my numb, frozen limbs,
A chilly breeze into my ears;
Brutal arctic flashes,
Between my lips
Hindering from breathe out.
Lifeless, unclad trees,
Looking at me, piteously,
Reminding me of my
Doleful journey ahead.  

*This poem is shared with The Mag.


  1. Beautiful! I like the words: 'chilly breeze', 'unclad tress.

  2. Hi Sayantini,

    A lovely poem for the winter season. Travelling by road during winters does have its own charm. As you have described here, the chill in the wind biting into your skin, is a completely different experience, better than summer of course :) :) :)

    Nice post.


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  3. Lovely.

    Hope your journey is not to doleful!

    Anna :o]

  4. Beautiful! Winter season sometimes appears sad and gloomy! Nicely written :)

  5. Inspiring words . Reminds me of my favourite lines Robert frost- Miles to go before i sleep ....Miles to go before i sleep .

  6. Very beautifully written and the picture creates a wonderful impact adding more meaning to the poem!

  7. beautiful drive..enjoyed reading..:)


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