My Lost Star


The echoes of dwindling serenade,
Around the limitless ruddy horizon,
Handful of dropping silence,
Lustrous images painted on the sky,
I follow them silently,
I wish upon them, upon each and everyone,
One amongst them is lost,
I hunt for it hither and thither,
But never found, it sank,
Into this unfathomed sky.
The hardships of my life, I forget,
My faith starts to howl in ache.
The humid torments of it, the pains.
I softly murmur to the wind,
My lost star, I will find you,
Maybe in another universe,
Today or tomorrow”.

This post is shared with 3WW and the words for this week is Echo, Hardship & Softly.
This post is also shared with Theme Thursday & today's prompt was Faith.


  1. 'Seek and ye shall find', the secret is to keep looking, and if it is there - you will discover it. This is beautifully written.

  2. Loved the 3 lines in the end..Faith all the way! :)

  3. Beautiful passage.

  4. There's an element of mystique to it....and the language is quite sophisticated....there's so much i can learn from u :)

  5. That's the beauty of hope and faith. Loved this composition!

  6. sweetly and beautifully written... :)

  7. Finding the lost star, such beauty and optimism in your words !!!

  8. Hi Sayantini,

    Lovely poem. Maybe the star is not lost, maybe it died and quite possibly might emerge as a completely new star with traces of its former self. Keep looking for it. :)

    Good post. Loved it.


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  9. sayantani -its an awesome composition -loved it :)

  10. a beautiful combination of both prompts!

  11. Faith is truly the force of life...Lovely verse Sayantani :)

  12. Love the imagery and the way you've integrated all the probes to give life to this piece.

  13. I think the beauty of faith is always believing in a "tomorrow" and that with each tomorrow we have faith that we will find what we are looking for. I really enjoyed reading this and feel that it goes with the picture but that it also speaks on it's own. Always have faith and you will find what you "need".

    Sorry for being late, hoping to feel better soon.

    God bless.

  14. Inadvertently, landed on your blog today and read this poem. And then I found that i hav already read it before and commented above...The final stanza is simply awesome... following you now

  15. Well written bud :)

    The multiverse is big enough and has enough scope... you will find ;)



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