Let’s Start the Journey on This New Year

Malini is the only child to her parents. She is a Graduate from one of America’s top universities. Her parents have brought her up with lots of freedom and open thinking. Her mind is filled with liberty and independence. In short, she is an open-minded, modern teenager who has cherished a dream of her prince charming in the core of her heart. Malini never wanted to be married to a man whom she had never seen or talked to. She hated joined families, conservative people and she hated to be married in India, as she thought residing in India and living in a joined family would snatch her freedom.

When she came to know that her parents have chosen a boy from India for her, she rejected the proposal, but keeping her father’s severe illness into mind, she gave her consent for this marriage. But she was still unsure of her future family, her future husband; if at least he would believe in modern lifestyle, late night parties or even permit her to wear whatever she wants or she might be confined into sarees. Her night passed sleepless.

Few weeks later, a day before New Year....

Malini and Rajeev are heading towards the airport. They are going to Goa for honeymoon. It has been just five days since their wedding. Malini is still doubtful. But she is somewhat feeling good that Rajeev has chosen Goa to spend their honeymoon. Suddenly Rajeev stops the car and tells Malini to wait for a few minutes, Malini sees Rajeev heading towards the Shoppers Stop outlet situated there. She moves her eyes away from him and turns on the music player.

Same day, evening....

Malini freshens up herself and when she comes out from the bathroom but can’t find Rajeev in the room. She looks at the bed and there was a Shoppers Stop shopping bag and a letter. She opens the letter and reads it loud-

"How you like the surprise Jaan? I was planning it for years; I have cherished my dream girl’s happiness in my heart for years, now I know it’s you. I know you’re struggling every moment to fit into this strange environment, but let me promise you something, I will never make you feel lonely here, I will never try to change you, I have loved you with each and every trait, and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy and comfortable. Check out what I've picked from you from Shoppers Stop and come to the lawn wearing them, I've arranged a candle-lit dinner for you. Your friends are on the way to join us. Don't worry I haven't shopped for Sarees, I want my lady to be the most bold and stylish lady in this planet! Don’t wear the ring, leave that duty for me. Let’s start our journey from this New Year. I Love You."

What Rajeev brought for Malini

Malini ended up with tears in her eyes. 

*Images are from Shoppers Stop website.


  1. Hi Sayantini,

    The dress looks lovely and very elegant. You have also weaved a story around the premise. Good going. All the best for the contest. Keep it going.



  2. The Way you entwined the lovely story with this contest is marvellous. Best of what I read so far on Shopper's stop topic. And yes, the dress is gorgeous and very apt for a new year's eve in Goa. Wow! I am already there;)

  3. All the best Sayantini for the contest! Nice story :)

  4. Oh wow...that was soooooooo romantic! I have read smoe other entries but this one stole the show purely because of the story..loved it! Needless to say, the ensemble is gorgeous.

    Wishing you all the best for the contest :)

  5. sayantani - now that's an awesome pick :) :) loved it and your write up is amazing too :) :)

  6. Short! but incredibly beautiful.

  7. nice....I want these too :)

  8. That was a good idea and a sweet story, Sayantini. All the best for the contest. :)

  9. You explored a cool story, woven around the contest :) The look is super stylish & I like the story-line way too much. :) Amazingly done :) All the best, it's the best I have read so far :)

  10. That was a WOW story . Till the end I didn't realise that it was for shopper's stop contest.. Good luck.. and it has to be one of the best posts for this contest.. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Prasoon. Keep reading!

  11. Great blog!

  12. A very very pretty ensemble. Very demure, very pretty and very girly. :)Good luck.

  13. Such a refreshing post where a outfit is disclosed using a pemise of a fabulously woven story!Wishes!


  14. love the post!!u r one talented gal!!
    I am giving away a gorgeous bag from Tosca on my blog..do check it out!!


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