Three Stories, One Conclusion

Story #1
Anita and Subhamoy was just a regular married couple. They did not know that they would not be regular ‘anymore’. After two years of marriage, they found out that can’t have a baby in their lives. They were diagnosed with infertility. Anita was so depressed and so was Subhamoy. They have lost all hopes. Anita cried every night;

“Would we ever be able to hear the baby-cries and the laughs?” she wanted to know eagerly.
Subhamoy could do nothing but gave her false assurances. He was also keen to have their child in his hands. They almost tried everything, from exercises to Pujas. But everything seemed to fail. 
Then one day, Subhamoy’s uncle came to visit them. He, by profession, was a Gynaecologist. After knowing about their severe problem, he told them,
“Infertility, now-a-days, isn’t quite a big problem. Many people around the world are affected with this problem. But, 20years ago it was a real problem, because then medical science was not this advanced. Then, having a baby after infertility was just a dream. You should go to an advance hospital for a check-up right now.”
After that Subhamoy and Anita went to a well-known hospital for a IVF treatment and they waited no longer to have their own baby in their hands.

Story #2
Mr. Saluja has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors said it’s the first stage. He is so upset, he thinks he would die in any time. It was his wife who first came to meet him after the news. She hold his hands tightly and said,
“Don’t worry, everything will be alright. I am always with you, na! Nothing bad would happen to you. Be positive.”
“But it’s cancer!” he replied.
“So what? It’s 21st century dear. Nothing is impossible now. Medical science has done a great advancement. I’ve talked to the doctors. They said Cancer is now curable if someone is going through the first stage.”
Mr. Saluja hold her hand with his hands tightly and said, “So, now I have to bear you again!” and they burst out in laughter.

Story #3
Ranjini was a beautiful girl of 20 years. She was a perfect blend of beauty with brains. Being the most popular girl in the college, she had also got some trouble-makers around her too. Life isn’t a cake walk. Once a boy proposed to her. But she had studies to focus into. She rejected the proposal but offered him her friendship. The next day Ranjini was found near the college campus, all wounded and her face burnt with acid.
She told her doctor laying on the hospital bed, “Would I ever be able to look like what I was before? My friends won’t now recognize me, my parents won’t recognize me. Now I can’t go to college, my career my life everything is ruined.” And she broke into tears.
“You must not be crying dear, it’s the time to be strong. Modern day healthcare is on its highest peak. Now, we have come up with freshest ideas and medical advances. We will take you back to you best days. You will be just like what was you, before. That’s called cosmetic surgery. Now, India is enriched with surgeons who are experts in cosmetic surgery. So, you don’t need to be worried. You will now be the most beautiful girl in the college.” The doctor replied to her.
Ranjini said nothing but smiled.

Health is the most important issue in our lives which we ignore carefully due to our daily works and other ‘important’ activities. If we read the stories we can understand how modern healthcare is touching lives. Now an infertile couple can too have a baby, a cancer patient could be cure totally, persons with scars and other physical imperfections can retouch their flaws by a simple surgery like magic. Modern healthcare is about creating magic for us.
Earlier we couldn't even think of all these happening in India. When it came to modern healthcare, we thought of abroad like the U.S. or Singapore. But now a chain of hospitals are creating magic and miracles in India. They are bringing smiles to many faces. From metro cities to interiors they are serving many people with the same compassion. They are the Apollo Hospitals. They are touching lives indeed with their great work. Thank you Apollo Hospitals.

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All characters and stories in this article are fictitious and any resemblance to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Wow! Liked the stories, all the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Anupam. I guess you are visiting my blog for the first time. So, thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch :)

  2. This is beautiful ... the three stories are real and in sync with today's world ... all the best buddy :-)

  3. Hi sayantani....i really liked the way u created an album of different stories....brilliant concept.....


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