Consequences of Ignoring a Child

Date- 18.5.2013
Place- At a popular & crowded market-place in Kolkata.

Mohit and Rajni were constantly fighting with each other. Their two and a half year old daughter, Varsha was consciously observing their squabbling.

“You’re not bothered about my happiness anymore!”, Rajni said in a cold voice.

Mane? What do you mean by not bothered? I was the person who was spending for 2 hours for you in that bloody shop!”, Mohit said.

“Huh! That’s why I had to leave the shop without that saree!”

“But, that was so expensive! It costs Rs10,000!”

“Yeah, because that’s an exclusive saree. And, why are you so worried about your purse? I saw you have all your credit cards there.”

“Then, what do you want? Should I fritter all my savings on your bloody shopping?”

“Oh! Now you've problems with my shopping too? Don’t you remember how you used to spend for me when we were dating?”

Then, in the midst of the conversation, rather argument, Varsha pulled her daddy’s hand and pointed something on the back of him with her index finger. But, Mohit refused to pay any attention to his small daughter. He had a more important work to do, yeah, what could be more important than arguing with wife!

“Yeah, I did. We were too young then. But now we are matured. We've a small child to bring up. Now, we are married.”
“What? What did you just say? You mean that you used to spend for me earlier because we were not married then?”

“When..when did I say that?”
In the mean time, Varsha pointed something on the back of Mohit again. Mohit got irritated,

“What? What do you want now, a balloon, a candy? Or you want to make me a beggar like your mom does?”

“What? I want to make you a beggar?”

“Yes, you do and....”
Varsha now suddenly exclaimed in an angry voice, “D-a-d-d-y” before Mohit could complete his words. He got perplexed and said in extreme anxiousness,

“What happened?”
After a few tries Varsha made herself clear, “Daddy, the man...on your back.....your pants...your pants!”

“What happened to my pants?”

Then all of a sudden, Rajni discovered that Mohit’s back pocket is slashed, may be with a blade or something sharp like that. Mohit almost broke into tears,

“My purse!! A pick-pocket! Oh my God, my credit cards, my money, all gone!”

Ha ha, how do you like this story pals? Do you know what the moral of this story is? Yes, never ignore warning signs! Next time you got a slightest hint of danger, don’t ignore it. In this story, if Mohit hadn’t ignored the indications given by his daughter, he might have been saved for being robbed.

This is my second entry for Indiblogger-Colgate contest held on Indiblogger.


  1. :( poor Mohit !!!
    The result of anger is self destruction and so vividly you have portrayed the same through your story !!
    First time on your blog. I already have another post of yours in my tab !
    I'm lovin it :)
    Best of Luck for the Contest!

    1. Ohh, thank you so much. It's a pleasure to have readers like you. You guys inspire me so much. I am never gonna disappoint you. Keep reading :)

  2. Well written..

    All the best ..!!!!

  3. Wow! Liked the read a lot :)....and the title u have given is perfect :) Good luck!

  4. Nicely written!! Loved it!!
    All the best!!!

  5. I really like this. So much personality.

  6. hahah...that was an amazing entry...lolzz

  7. haha.. nice one. The argument was interesting to hear (of Course, won't like to be a part of it :P ).

    All the best for the contest. Do read my story as well and share your views.

  8. Great stuff...keep them coming


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