A Conversation With Badshah Akbar

20|5|2013, 12:30 am

Sameer saw a sphere made of a mysterious blue light appeared in front of him. He got an eerie feeling. All of a sudden the sphere seemed to grow bigger and the green light seemed to dazzle his eyes, then he saw a shadow of a man is coming out of the sphere. He got scared. Now, the shadow is more visible. He saw a man, dressed like a King or so standing just next to him. After a few seconds, he finally managed to utter a word,
Wh-h-o-o a-are y-y-you?, Sameer asked the man.                                

I am Badshah Akbar. Who are you? the man replied.

My name is Sameer, he sounded a little easy, But what did you mean by you are Badshah Akbar?

Yes, my boy, I am Abu-ul-Fath Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar from 16th century. I have travelled the time from 16th century to 21st century to see how my country has progressed.

My apologies Jahanpana, I didn't recognize you. So tell me, which part of the progress you want to know about. This country has made a lot of progress.

I think I want to know about the medical science, in my time it was not that well-developed. Many people, my tenants, my workers and my dear queens died due to the lack of medical advances.

I am glad to let you know that now India has developed a lot in medical issues. Now people don’t die easily. Medical science has advanced vastly.


Like antibiotics!

What are they?

Antibiotics are some kind of drugs that fights with germs that are already present in an ill person’s body. The medical application and further development of antibiotics has resulted in extraordinary declines in death rates and serious illness due to infections.

Wow, in my era, one could hardly think of being well after an infection due to injuries. We had to amputate the affected limb. Whoa! That was scary enough. Tell me more about the medical uprisings.

There are many, Jahanpana. We've made a vast improvement in Vaccination. Now some of the diseases like small pox, polio and hepatitis B have resulted in a major shift in disease prevention.
Now, humans can change their physical attributes if necessary.
We've discovered imaging machines to see what is going on inside the body by CT and MRI scanning. And in last 20 years we've developed it more to detect the right disease hidden inside.
Anti-TB therapy has almost eradicated the particular disease from the world.
A surgical performance that expands a narrowed or blocked artery, called angioplasty is on the way to serve the patients of coronary heart diseases and making people happy and less worried.
Anti-viral therapy for HIV has a significant progress in the last few decades that seems to decrease the death-rate in this disease.
Stem-cell therapy and stem-cell banking has brought a great revolution in the world of healthcare, it has changed the notion of death caused by Cancer and Leukemia and other multiple diseases.
Modern healthcare has launched more different kinds of treatments and therapies like Kidney dialysis, Endoscopy and Laparoscopic surgeries, robotic surgeries, treatment for stomach ulcers, Kidney transplantation, Angioplasty, Liver transplantation etc.

I am happy enough, but where is these things take place? Do you have Dawakhanas?

No, Jahanpana. We have more furnished and advanced and well-equipped Hospitals now-a-days. There are experienced and skilled doctors and nurses.

So, how do they behave? Do they take good care of the patients.

I can say gladly, Jahanpana, modern healthcare is also about treating the patients as guests. Doctor-patient relationship has more improved than before.

So, can you name one hospital that doing their works properly and making me proud as the former emperor of this country?

There are several but one I could name not only for their excellence but also for their compassionate activities and intentions of taking India to the top-notch position is the ApolloHospitals. They have kicked off a new dimension of modern healthcare.

Well, I am more than just satisfied. Modern healthcare seems to be touching lives seamlessly. Now I can go back to my time and die unworried, because I don’t have any fret about my descendants and my dear countrymen of their health in future. Thank you dear future-man!

The man in the King’s dress, may be Badshah Akbar from 16th century was vanished, and the blue sphere too. Sameer was stunned and happy at the same time.  

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