Old Man and Child- Domenico Ghirlandaio

Yellow balloons in the country-fair
Magnetize the child’s big bright eyes,
A sharp smile and a popping eye,
Engulfed by the colorful stare.

Old man, he too looked at them,
Yellow balloons in the sky,
His thirsty pallid eyes cry,
For the life left beside the frame.

Little child peeps inside a jar,
Full of scrumptious candied chew,
Chooses with little fingers, one or few,
His soul feels complete so far.

The old man too, gazes at them,
Despondently, over his supple cheek,
As they tantalize, playing hide n’ seek,
His wrinkled memories awaken.

There’s a man in every small hearts,
And there’s a child in every one of us.

This poem is linked to Carry On Tuesday and the prompt is the first few words from a Halloween quote by Robert Brault 'There is a child in every one of us'.


  1. Balloons were such an important ingredient of our childhood ... i remember the local balloon seller used to make several creatures out of balloons, cats, monkeys, etc. I loved them. But do children play with balloons anymore? Somewhere I feel there innocence is getting lost in this hi tech world. I too had once written a poem on balloons. Do check it here :-)


  2. Lovely poem, a fine job done...but hey..Maybe it's just me...but isn't the nose on the old man kinda looking like a frog's behind full of warts? :-)

    1. Thanks Rahul and yeah, you've noticed it right. The painter Domenico Ghirlandaio, has deliberately done this. Please refer to regarding this.

  3. Wonderfully written.....great and beautiful

  4. Beautiful...cute...spooky! The concluding line is awesome :))

  5. Balloons are like colorful dreams for a child..well written simple and lovely :)

  6. balloons represents humans. as they go up into the sky, they lose their air. in a same way an adult loses his childness while growing up.

    nice poem, Sayantini

  7. Hey! Nice poem! The idea is cool! :)


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