Red Lady


O woman of my dreams,
O graceful lady, you!
Wrapped in distorted linen,
But persona, elegantly-worn.
Dishevelled hair, too,
Full of confetti hither and thither,
You gather them and blow.
Your eyes, blurred with kohl,
Lips, tinted with flush.
Forbidden garden in the eyes,
Nectar-filled lips, tempting yet venerable.
O lady in Red, you stand alone,
Disgraced angel, mortal soul.
Wait wait, for your mesmerizing spell.

Please click here to visit the original website for this image. 
I've used a picture which I found most convenient to my poem when I googled the theme, so used it here. If there's anyone who doesn't want me to put it here anymore, please let me know, I'll remove it.


  1. Wickedly attractive, and the image you used went really well along with this beautiful piece of writing. Keep up the good work!


  2. nicely written and well crafted . :)

  3. Lovely poem, wonderful picture! Really liked the essence that you portrayed through these lines. I think the picture complements the title very well. Take care!

  4. A lady of dreams indeed ... you have portrayed her perfectly :-)


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