Painting by Trudy Lee Estes

O dreadful furry fright,
O awful creation,
Two vigorous eyes,
 Hearth inside, blazing.

O ancient predator,
Mystic wildness, aloof;
Valiant primeval warrior,
Filled with fervent rage.

O spirited persona,
Upright entity, dynamic;
Symbol of honor,
Magical, enchanted creature.

The bright, pure soul
Rare to be found,
In this phony world,
Only candid essence.  

This poem is linked to Kerry's Wednesday Challenge at IGWRT & also to Poets United Wednesday #5 and the prompt is Wolf.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to the majestic wolf!

  2. The various perceptions of the wolf. I most like the two last stanzas and......"only candid essence". Well done.

  3. You have said it so beautifully ... keep it up !!!

  4. Beautiful! The ending was amazing...loved it!
    Wish more people would share their "...candid essence"

  5. Yuo portrayed the beauty of nature so frantically! :) Loved the essence & your perspective :) Take care!

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