Magic in the Garden


I make some morning moves,
Out of the room,
Walked through the garden,
Drawn by my indolent feet.
I reached to the flower pot,
The sleeping freshness.
The delightful souls.
I smelt that morning breeze,
Perhaps my longest breath.
Enriched I, elated I,
Smiled at my childish joy.
I felt it, I felt that breeze,
Those smiles too.
I prolonged my rapid stroll,
My eyes winked, a dash of glow
A twinkle among the blossom,
I stepped to the muddy patch,
And moved my eyes close,
A drop of crystal shell,
On the greens of my garden patch.
I saw another few,
Diamond drops, dazzling mystic gems.
What are they? Dewdrops, I said.
Or, Kind of Magic, just born.

This poem is linked to Carry On Tuesday and the prompt this week is the opening line and title of Queen's greatest hits It's a kind of magic.


  1. When you see the morning dew sparkle, like diamonds, it is a kind of magic, isn't it.
    Lovely morning walk :)

  2. Magic enshrined in crystal clear orbs of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, huh? :-D Hmmm...nice ode...Has a Wordsworth-style nature-lover feel to it..

  3. Wow wow wow ... magic in dew drops ... it's always a pleasure reading your poems ... so refreshing and full of substance !!!

  4. magical dew drops! well-done

  5. Delightful. Thanks so much for joining in at Carry On Tuesday.

  6. Beautiful picture! You're the first poetry blog I'm following :)
    Please follow back!

  7. Hello Sayantini... This is for your, the Liebster blog Award..


    Check out the link for more info...


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