With the Speed of a Tablet

Every year, many of us take some resolution but only a few of them are fulfilled. I have never come across anyone who had accomplished their resolutions. Of course, one of them is me. Obeying by the resolutions is the toughest thing to do, for me, it is more difficult than waking up early in the morning and of course early morning baths. Those who follow their resolutions need a standing ovation.

Every year I make a resolution but after two days everything goes in vain. Last year I thought of going on the diet and took a resolution not to eat junks and workout more often, but sadly I had a lot of junk this year, diet lasted for only 2 weeks and workout lasted for a month. I am like a couch potato and resolutions are not my thing. So, this year I might think of taking a resolution to do something that has been a past hobby or passion and rekindle it now.

For a few months, my blogging has taken a back seat. I couldn’t post as much I used to. I feel so bad because blogging is my passion and I shouldn’t think anything except that, but sadly, my mind was diverted to something else and I couldn’t make it; most of the time I was travelling, for studies, family and much more. I wish I could do the blogging even while on the go. This way I could cut the time and blog frequently, also I could be active in my social media. Now I have to think of some gadget that makes my wish come true and I can’t think of anything but the Micromax Canvas Tab P666.

A tab is always a wise option for blogging on the go, because laptops are way too huge to carry everywhere whereas a tab fits in your palms and your purse. It is the most convenient way to use technology on the go. It also has the Intel Inside processor which can make my wishes fulfill at a lightning speed. Checking social media platforms are not at all a worry as I can connect to my followers within a blink. Making small blog posts is not at all a problem now; clicking pictures and uploading them on blog as well as on social networks are easier than before. You can do anything and everything at the speed of light. A modern day life requires these facilities to make the life super-fast, because none of us has the time to waste.

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I hope I could resurrect my blogging to life soon with a lightning speed with the help of the Micromax Canvas P666 Tab. We all know the need for speedy internet connection and fast processing. Life could be simpler and easier with it. 

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