Triumph Over the Fear

Human life is incomplete without two things- joy and fear. The latter one obviously is much stronger and it eventually takes the toll on human-mind. I was taught that fear is like a balloon, the more you blow the more it expands. As a child, I didn’t understand the meaning- but as I started to grow up it wasn’t hard to understand.

There are many things that hold you back, do not let you proceed and sooner or later they make a noticeable mark in your mind that you cannot get out of it ever. So, it is the cleverest decision to cut the cord before it entangles you into it. If you don’t want to be overpowered by your fears then kill them before they kill you.

From my childhood, there were many things that I was afraid of. So, my war was way harder. Every new day, a new fear. I was afraid of crossing roads, a lot of children are. I was afraid I would end up having no friends, I was afraid my mom would forget to pick me up from school, I was afraid that I would forget my steps in the middle of our dance programme, I was afraid of being left in the school alone. These were the fears children usually have. They were not as serious that they could hold me back for something, but that is not everything. I was also afraid of speed, afraid of being lost, afraid of darkness, afraid of travelling alone and so on. My gosh, I am sounding like a shivering kitten! 
Anyways, let me tell you the story of how I conquered one of my fears- fear of speed.

I should start by thanking my boyfriend for this as he was the person behind this triumph. It was two years back when we first visited a very popular amusement park in Kolkata, named Nicco Park. After walking here and there endlessly Amit took me in front of the huge roller-coaster called Cyclone. I was in disbelief for a couple of minutes that he wanted me to take a ride on that monster, especially a person like me who had a phobia of speed! My legs were not moving, like they were fixed to the ground, my palms were wet, I was thirsty and my eyes were stuck to the giant. I was holding his hand firmly. I think that was the first time when I realized that it was much more than just a fear, it was way bigger in intensity. Anyways, after a few minutes, when the shock started to evaporate, Amit pulled me gently by hand and took me to the iron staircase that led up to the roller-coaster. I tried to release my hand from his grab but I did not want to create a scene. I was so mad at him that I stopped looking at him.

Everything was done, it was our turn to sit on the carriage and experiencing it finally. It was nothing less than committing suicide for me. When it started, I couldn’t even sense the environment, it felt like I was in a place where there was no wind, no sound at all. When it was at the top point from where the downward journey was about to start, I literally hold my breath and as it tilted forward I shut my eyes. I shouted like crazy, but as it continued I was getting accustomed to it. I was still afraid but it was not as strong as it was before the ride. A lot of ups and downs and finally we landed. I finally breathed out. But, I was not aware that it was not the end. Amit wanted me to take the ride again. I stared at him with my eyes popping out, ‘Not again!’ He was not ready to listen to me, he was in a mood to eradicate the fear from my mind for ever. I was not feeling that frightened as I was feeling before, so I followed him. It was enjoyable, I must admit now. We at least took some five to six turns of that ride and with every turn my fear grew weaker. Now, I am a fan of that roller-coaster. I won’t say that I am not at all frightened now, I do fear when I am in front of that ride, but now it doesn’t stop me from riding on it. That is the best part.

I don’t think I could have done it if Amit had not played the main role. We all need a push. If you won’t take a risk, you won’t know how capable you of anything are. Fear is everywhere, a person must have fears to be in control but it is up to you whether you would tame your fears or let your fears tame you. Good luck!

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  1. Fear has immense potential, it can be utilized to do the impossible. A good read, thanks for sharing :)


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