Dare to Tell the Truth

People say that children do not tell lies, but that’s not the entire truth. They lie, but they don’t lie frequently like adults and also they have the guts to admit that they were lying. There are many times that we think that a lie could save us from getting into a big trouble, but in reality, that lie ensures the fact that we get into a big trouble. Not only that it causes a lot of trouble but also it becomes a maze that entwines us little by little. I know some of you or may be all of you have experienced this once in your life. Today, I will be sharing one of my stories with you in this post.

There are a lot of times when I have lied to m parents. From the age of 5 to 15, I have lied several times, but I am never ashamed of that face because I have lied only when there were no way out and moreover I have always admitted it and apologized. None of my lies were harmful and it never affected our lives.
Let me give an instance. When I was in high school, in 6th standard to be precise, I used to return to my home from school with some of my classmates. One day, we noticed a poster in front of our school building. It was an advertisement for a circus that was held in our town at that time. Seeing that, one of my friends proposed that we must attend one of the shows. I was very nervous because on one hand I was very excited to watch a show but one the other hand I was afraid my mother would go up against it. You know what happens when you are young and you want to do something that your friends are about to do and then your mother stops you from doing it. You take the help of a lie, right? I decided not to tell my mother anything about the plan.

Saturday was a half-day and also we knew that that Saturday would be a holiday because of some event I don’t remember now. So, we decided that we would go to school and after the first period, when the school would be over, we would go to the circus and obviously my mother would know nothing about it. We did exactly as per the planning, we headed to the circus. But then there was the twist in the story. I was the only person who lied about the agenda. I was very nervous and restless about the fact that I had lied to my mother that made me too much uncomfortable and feel guilty. I was not able to move an inch forward. I had to stop immediately. It was impossible to bear the burden of the lie. So, I stopped by a friend’s place and called my mother from their telephone and tell her everything, the truth and the plan. I could feel she was a little upset, but I was relieved. It was like breathing after a long pause. I was light. My mother scolded me but then she took me to the circus. That ‘sorry’ took all my guilt feelings away.

Lying is obviously wrong but if you admit it and say sorry nothing can be truer than that. Telling the truth and admitting the lie is really very peaceful.

This is written for the IndiBlogger Happy Hours ‘Purity In Every Drop’ campaign in association with Kinley. 


  1. So true!! Sometimes, lying is the only option we are left with- whether being young or old!


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