Random Rambling| In Retrospect: 2014

Hello all, 2015 is just a few hours away and it feels surreal that one more year is about to pass. It feels like the other day when I posted a similar post on the 31st of 2013, it doesn’t feel like a year has passed.  2014 has bought me some sorrows, some happiness, overall this year can obtain an eight on ten marks from me. Let’s see what were the most memorable moments and events of 2014 in my life.

January: Cherry On Top, my second (and most pampered) blog completed one year and it was an immensely joyful moment for me. I have never imagined that I would have two blogs and run them for more than one year. It’s all because of your love and support. Thank you :D

February: Those who are following me on Facebook and Instagram (if you don’t follow me then please do it now :P) would know that I am in a relationship and they would also know that we have completed 8 years of our journey in February, 2014. It feels magical to be with someone whom you trust, love and depend on and get back the same from him in return for such a long time. That was the best time of the year.

March: March was not at all memorable as nothing eventful happened.

April: I took the A-Zblogging challenge where I had to blog everyday throughout the month of April, prompt being an alphabet from A to Z for each day. I successfully completed that challenge and I am so glad because it is amazing for a lazy person like me.

Source: a-to-zchallenge.com

May: May was an amazing month because of two important events. Firstly, one of my poems got selected to be published in the book named "Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace" and finally, my blog obtained a position in the "Top Indian Blogs" directory which happens to be India's top most blog directory. It really feels amazing! 

Soucre: globalfraternityofpoets.com

Source: indiantopblogs.com

June: I got to pamper myself in a spa for the first time and now I am one of the lucky people who had the opportunity to visit the paradise alive. Also, thanks to my boyfriend, I got a new phone and I was like a happy bird as it reduced the pain of losing my tab to some extent.

July: It was a bad month as my grandfather passed away after seven days of suffering. He was 87. Now I don’t have any of my paternal grandparents with me :(

August: Although it was my birthday but yet the month was fruitless, only except the fact that I got to review a book for the first time in my 3 years of blogging.

September:  Nothing special happened in this month.

October: It was the month of festivities, but sadness grabbed it as we could not mange to visit my ancestral home for Durga Puja unlike every year L Sad, because I love to visit my homestead once in every year. 

November: One year passed after my dog’s death. It was really hard to accept even till today. It was also the time of Diwali and Bhai Phonta, got to spend some amazing time with family. I got a chance to attend a bloggers event for the first time, hosted by The Body Shop and met some amazing bloggers from the same arena.

December: I can’t say that something explosive happened this month, but surely there were few small joys, little moments of happiness and a great expectation from the future year that made this month memorable.

I wish a Happy New Year to you all in advance. I hope this New Year brings you all the happiness, health and smiles. Thanks for supporting me always and I hope you support me even more in 2015. I hope to give you the best that I can, post more frequently, be more productive and let you feel good. May god bless you all. See you next year. Ciao. 



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