Stubble, Stubble, Go Away!

Anant woke up with a jerk when his phone rang for the third time. It was Pooja. Anant was sleepy, exhausted and drowsy. It felt like a hangover. Last night was a no-sleep-night. Pooja chatted till 4 am putting across the plan on how he can impress her father. It was the first time Anant was about to meet Pooja’s parents. Pooja’s father was a busy man, but he took out some time to meet Anant and appraise his ability to make his daughter happy for lifetime.

‘Wear formals, don’t forget to wear socks with your shoes, be well-groomed and be on time.’, advised Pooja in her talk.

When Anant looked at the clock, it was showing 8:15 in the morning. Pooja told her to reach her place within 9 am as it was their breakfast time and Pooja’s father particularly wanted to meet her future son-in-law while relishing his breakfast.

Anant’s phone kept ringing until he pressed the receive button.

‘You are on your way, na?” asked an anxious Pooja. It was obvious from her voice that she didn’t wanted Anant to lose before he started playing. Her dad was a punctual man.

‘Yes, yes I am driving, but stuck in the traffic now.’, Anant lied.

‘Okay baby, just make sure you reach on time. Papa will be disappointed if you come late.”

‘I will be there in 20 minutes.’ another lie.

It was already 8:55 when he crossed half way and then he remembered that he forgot to shave. He could clearly remember Pooja’s advice- ‘Be well-groomed. Papa hates man with untrimmed beard. It makes him feel that the person is not serious in his life.’

‘What theory he has behind this belief!’ Anant told himself.

When Anant reached Pooja’s house, it was 9:15. He was 15 minutes late. He could see the family of three with a lapdog was sitting in the front porch.

‘God save me’, he uttered to himself while making brisk steps towards them. The father had clouds of disgust on his face, the mother stared with disbelief and Pooja, was so annoyed that she didn’t even look at him, she was continuously looking at her father’s face trying to gauge his thoughts.

‘Looks like you haven’t got enough time to groom yourself. What kept you engaged?’

‘Umm…nothing…I mean…nothing of that sort…’

‘Papa, he is a nice guy. Don’t go to his appearance now. We do love each other and I wish to settle down with him. Papa please!’ Pooja almost cried.

‘Only if he shaves before the wedding.’, the father laughed and every one there was not an exception.   
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  1. Haha!! Love the last line..only if he shaved before the wedding. hatke end:)


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