Book Review: 'Love Lasts Forever' by Vikrant Khanna

Hello all, hope all of you are doing good. Today I am going to review a fiction by Vikrant Khanna, titled ‘Love Lasts Forever- Only if you don’t marry your love

Book Review: 'Love Lasts Forever' by Vikrant Khanna

Author: Vikrant Khanna
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-82665-17-5
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributers
Price: 150 INR
Available at: Flipkart, Amazon

Characters: The protagonists of this story are definitely Ronit- a sailor and Shekhar- his Captain. Then there are a few characters such as Shekhar's wife Shikha, Ronit’s first love and wife- Aisha, Ronit’s friend- Joe Singh and a funny character that happens to be Aisha’s brother- Priyank.

Story-line: As the story starts, we can see Ronit contemplating a story that he was told by his Captain. It keeps revolving between two persons at a time- Ronit and his Captain while they are aboard. The story is written in reference to two different phases of time, gyrating between the years 1969 to 2014.

Ronit falls madly in love with Aisha at first glance at the age of 18 and after a long wait of seven years they got hitched. But things turn bad as he finds himself falling out of love with his newly-wed within barely a month to their marriage, or he believes that. He thinks of taking a break and to leave her company for a time-being and then divorcing her after returning. But things run another way as the Captain invites him to his cabin over a drink and narrates his own love-story to him. How the captain’s story leaves Ronit awestruck and how it manages to change his notion of love and makes him give a second chance to his love-story is the theme of this book.

My Words: Love Lasts Forever is definitely a love story but slightly of a different manner.  As mentioned earlier, this story goes round with two different people from two different times. The captain’s story brings out a totally emotional scenario between two orphan lovers. Ronit, who is another protagonist in the story, narrates his love-story which eventually leads to doom. Some things that I liked about the story are- the uncomplicated and effortless narration of the stories, usage of simple language and the emotional ups and downs that were delivered with clarity. Things that I did not like are- at some places I found it very incoherent when Ronit describes Aisha’s behaviour, sometimes it feels that the author is forcing the readers to be sympathetic with Ronit’s character despite the fact that the reasons given to hate someone so strongly that it leads to a divorce are not convincing at all. I don’t think it might strike anyone but I somehow found out that more than a couple of characters are given the same speech style. At some points, the encounters with Aisha's brother felt way too exaggerated.

To sum up, I’d say that ‘Love Lasts Forever’ is a good read throughout. I won’t say it will change your beliefs about love but it will definitely make them stronger. A single more word would be a spoiler, so I won’t say anything more in this regard. Although, I can’t deny the fact that it was a little boring in the middle, somewhat lengthened but one will found the story irresistible as a lot of people would relate to it. The author has written the story with so much ease and both the story included in the book are equally enjoyable.

I hope you find the review helpful and would read the story of Ronit as soon as possible. Let me know how you liked it or unliked it. Picture used in this post belongs to me. Please do not reuse this elsewhere without my permission. Mail me anytime at- Thanks for reading! Till next time J

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