Random Rambling| Books I Finished Reading This Month and a Wishlist

This month was a great month for me. A lot of things happened to me. I was invited to a bloggers meet and met a bunch of lovely fellow bloggers, hit a 300+ Instagram followers milestone, got selected as a featured poet in the Wordweavers Contest 2014 and a lot of other things. Along with these, I treated myself with a bundle of books. If you are following me on Facebook and Instagram, then you’d know that. Here’s a picture-

Books that I finished this month are-

1. Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson: I, actually, won this book in a giveaway by the India Bookstore. I was elated to receive this as a prize because at that time people were raving about this book and I so wanted to read it. Actually, I started reading it in the last week of October and finished by this month. If someone is planning to buy this book, I’d scream and say DO READ THE BOOK RIGHT AWAY! It’s worth every penny.

2. Love Lasts Forever by Vikrant KhannaI received this book from Blogadda as a part of their Book Review Programme. At first I was a little skeptical about the story (not to mention, the sole reason was the subtitle) but when I started reading I quite liked it. I have already written a review of this book. Check out if you want to know how I liked it.

3. Impulse by Reekrit Serai: I received it as a giveaway prize as well, maybe two or three months ago but shamefully didn't get to read it then. I think I had read 2 stories from this book and then lost in another world. It’s only in the first week of November when I realized the fact and finished reading all the stories within one week. I’ll try and write a review of this book soon.

So, that’s it for the finished books and now let me share with you what’s on my wishlist.

1. Fault in Our Stars by John Green (I believe I am the only one left in this planet to read this book)

2. Make Up : Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success--Online and Off by Michelle Phan

3. The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret by Christopher C Doyle

Also, I have two more books that are waiting for me to read. One is the second book from Jeffery Archer’s ‘The Clifton Chronicles’ series, The Sins of the Father (I have already started reading it) and The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi. The list is long. I think it will take entire December and some of January to finish them.

I am planning to buy more good books this month, but people who can wait for the next month then there is an amazing option for all the online shoppers! The Great Online Shopping Festival will take place in December where you can find superb GOSF book deals at the online couponing website, CupoNation where there will be many big brands featuring their various deals and offers for free. I will update you guys on my FB page and Instagram if I buy a few more books.

That's all for now, folks! Tell me what are you reading at the moment and write in the comments if you have any book recommendation for me. Thanks for reading :)


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