Friendship Never Dies

I can remember that day,
Still it’s clear in my core.
You came home, pot of joy.
You played, you jumped,
You rolled all over me,
Like my baby,
Another part of my heart.
You walked, you ran,
You smiled to me,
I’ll always cherish those days,
In my deepest corner.
I pray for you, little child,
Be safe wherever you are now.
Be happy wherever you are now.
My true friend, my closest one.
All say you’re dead,
But I know, when all is said and done,
Friendship stands alone,
‘Cause, Friendship never dies.

This poem is written from my softest core. Today, my boyfriend's pet dog, Jimmy, passed away. This poem is written in fond memory of Jimmy and dedicated to all of them who had gone through this pain. Thanks for reading. I want you to pray for Jimmy.

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*Carry On Tuesday (Prompt- One of Abba's songs "When all is said and done")


  1. Lovely tribute... all prayers for him....

  2. Aw. What a beautiful, tender tribute! and the comfort lies in exactly what you said..." But I know, when all is said and done,
    Friendship stands alone,
    ‘Cause, Friendship never dies." So true. Well done.

  3. A lovely tribute from the heart.
    I've come over from Carry On Tuesday.

  4. To lose a pet is to lose part of your heart. I really enjoyed your poem and Jimmy will be in my mind today.

  5. So sorry for your sadness. A sweet poem written in memory of Jimmy.

  6. It's very tragic to lose a pet who invariably becomes one's best friend.

    very emotional!

  7. A wonderful tribute !!! Our prayers are with you ... Pets always have a special place in our hearts !!!

  8. What a lovely tribute. Thanks for contributing to Carry On Tuesday.

  9. Oh, this is so very sad and so very heartfelt. The loss of a dog....of a good and faithful never easy to endure. I have been there....and feel the pain in this poem.

    (thank you for taking part in poets united poetry pantry.)

  10. They are faithful than human beings! Lovely tribute!
    Rest in peace!

  11. full of love and sweetness... animals are so often our dearest friends, and yes the friendship continues in our hearts long after their fur can no longer be felt beneath our hands.

  12. This goes straight to my heart. Jimmy looks so sweet and loving.........and it sounds like he loved life very much and brought you joy. No one loves us like our dogs do. It is so hard to lose them. In this post, he will be remembered, in return for all he gave.

  13. I extend my sympathies. How lucky to have that sweet creature in your life.

  14. A faithful friend indeed. Sorry for your loss. And it's so true that friendships never die.

  15. Very nicely written. Thank you for sharing.


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