New Poem [Terra Incognita]

After a lot of stress, finally my exams are over. It feels great when you get over your exams but for me, I don't know why, it's a little upsetting. I'll really miss these phase of life. I was settled into this. Now for Post-graduation, I've to set myself in a different way and that will really be a hard thing to do.
My PC bugged me a lot. So, I couldn't reply to your comments. I apologize. And, here is my apology, I've written a new poem-

A picture of Taiping Mountain Forest Railway.

Terra Incognita

An early-monsoon wind of hope,
Leads me to the greens,
Phoenix’s abode, merry-land.
I be fledged, I be pleased.
I feel mounted with everything.

Name-less blossoms here and there,
Blooms to catch me, my soul
Reflects that part of bliss.
Purpled grief, blued twinge, and,
Bit of golden despair retrogress.

The sunlight makes trails gleam.
A secret cul-de-sac opens up,
Ends up with wonder, scepticism,
That where a place unseen yet,
Lied still stealthily, out of reach.

Promptly rises a silhouette,
With a sense of cold-breath.
No shadow it was, a piece of cloud,
Grey in colour and so in hue,
Waiting for a sudden outburst.

Mist comes, mist goes, transient,
Sun plays hide-n-seek,
Gently hovers around me with mirth,
Fills me with heavenly brightness.
My eyes stare astounded.

I am filled with ecstasy,
But my mind displeased,
It’s the time to part,
My embodied soul cries,
I must be here again and again.

Please let me know how did you like it.


  1. Why do you miss exams? And why are yo sad that it's over? I want my exams to be as far from me as possible! :P
    Anyway this lines are lovely. So much to retrospect!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. I am not going to miss my exams, nobody does!!
      I will just be missing these days of college, friends and know how hard is to take away yourself from a familiar atmosphere to a new life!
      And, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Keep in touch:D

  2. I loved the last line - "I must be here again and again". We all despise change, but eventually that's what proves to be the best for us, isn't it?

    Hope to see regular poems from you now since your exams are over :-)

    1. Hey! Thank you very much. And yeah I'll be frequent, like before.
      Keep in touch:D

  3. i can't believe you wrote this poem! it's beautiful and you are so talented. congrats on being done with finals...where did you study? we're your newest followers! xo

    1. Aww...thank you so much Emi for stopping by my blog. It means a lot. I live & study in India.
      Thanks for following..I must visit your blog now. Keep in touch:D

  4. Excellent photo! Thanks. -

  5. beautiful images weaved in here....lovely....

  6. I must be here again and again.

    One can never have too much of a good thing! lol

  7. Incredible piece of writing. Loved reading the poem, the perspective was greatly depicted :)

  8. LIke other readers, I really like the final line.

  9. Thanks everybody for appreciating my work. It inspires me a lot. Keep reading:D

  10. Lovely painting of the colors and blooms of the greens ~

    Of course, visiting such a peaceful place is a blessing ~

    Nice to meet you ~

    1. Thank you for commenting:)
      Nice meeting you too..

  11. This is just lovely. It has an ethereal quality about it!

  12. Gorgeous poem. I feel peaceful right now.

  13. Mist comes, mist goes, transient,
    Sun plays hide-n-seek,
    Gently hovers around me with mirth,
    Fills me with heavenly brightness.
    My eyes stare astounded

    This about sums up the feel and the awe of being atop the highest point of Maxwell Hill, Caulfields Hill. It was for our endurance run up and down the hill decades ago when I was still a schoolboy. I wonder whether it's allowed to go to that point now. I remember there was a transmission station up there. We had gallons of cool, cold drinks (which was a mistake for some)before making our way down. Lots of fun.Thanks for the memory. Sayantini!



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