A Sunday Afternoon

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - 1884 by Georges-Pierre Seurat

A sun-kissed Sunday afternoon,
Comes veiled with the glory of mortal boon,
To be rich, delightful
A wholesome Sunday afternoon.

Comes with bliss and enjoyment,
A sip of tea and other equipments,
Never came like this wonderful
A wholesome Sunday afternoon.

Lustrous sun loses his glare,
Slowly, steadily dwindles the flare,
Perceives a time so cheerful
A wholesome Sunday afternoon.

Rich in texture, red in hue,
Reclined I, wade through new
Silhouettes delightful;
Of a perfect Sunday afternoon.

This poem is shared with  Theme Thursday and the prompt was Afternoon Delights.


  1. Nice..Sunday noon delightful..Good Day.

  2. A perfect rhythmic poem ... I wish I was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon :-)

  3. I've always loved that painting, and your words gave me pause to smile.....very well-done

  4. A very nice picture but an even better poem to go with it. Sunday afternoons when I was growing up was a time that we all climbed into the car and went for a drive to either visit someone or just to take a drive into the mountains. It just seemed like it was always time for the family to be together. Nowadays everyone just seems to go their own way. Very different times these days. Such a loss for the kids of today. Plus most families could not afford the gas to take a long drive just to be driving no where in particular.

    Thanks for sharing such a great Sunday afternoon poem with us for this weeks Afternoon Delights Theme Thursday. It was a very nice addition.

    God bless.


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