A Night's Tale


Once I stood on the window-pane,
Looking at the down-town lane.
Wintry winds came along,
With the thought of retain
The sharp, jagged pain.

I heard a night-bird sing,
Mocking with the chilly sting.
I tried hard to know,
For what it sang
The song or I call it pang.

Mesmerized with the cold itself,
I found a way of help,
For me, an insomniac
It filled me with drowsiness,
Countless dreams it phrased.

I took my way to the bed,
I know not what led
Me to the dreams of verse,
Captivated all my words,
And jotted down the rhymed chords.

I stopped and looked back,
Turned out a dash of lag,
I stepped tip-toed
To the casement swift,
To dig for my midnight-gift.

A winter night was there for me,
A charm of poesy was still in me.
Starry winter felt so new,
My scarlet window stood alone,
So was I, a supple heart of stone.

I looked again through it,
A yellow thought lit
Out of the blue; it made
Me, utterly enticed,
My hidden senses surprised.

I was, now I think,
Blessed with a flaw, distinct
A perfect sleepless night
Resuscitated me, till
The night was young and still.

I gazed at the darkest night,
My repressed soul took flight,
After the weariest rest
My poesy resurrected,
Myself had I corrected.

This is shared with Poetry Pantry #117 .


  1. I like that you turn the sleepless night into a night of verse and renewing your spirit ~ This was a good write ~

  2. I like the way you start "Once I stood at the window pane", I liked your poem a lot.

  3. I love the way you write poem ... they seem so calm and serene, and yet they have a strong message hidden somewhere !!!

  4. Turning sleeplessness to rhyme.........time well spent!

  5. I like how you found a way to sooth yourself, when sleep didn't visit you~
    It was calm to read and had a rhythmic flow!
    Nice to meet you :D

  6. beautiful...full of hope and possibility.

  7. Nicely done--and I agree with Green Speck--your work feels calm and serene to me--

  8. "I stopped and looked back,
    Turned out a dash of lag,
    I stepped tip-toed
    To the casement swift,
    To dig for my midnight-gift."

    Midnight treasure and a shovel too, a very successful mission!

  9. You put great effort in the rhyme scheme and it shows. The melodic flow is quite pleasing.


  10. this is so lyrical.....a sweet song.....wonderful night.....


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