#StartANewLife: The Step That Undulated my Life

I belong to a middle-class family and middle-class families have their own version of limitations and freedom. Every step is judged and permitted by the elders; every decision is approved by the rest of the family. Your life must be sub-ordinate authorized by your parents. Sometimes this is okay, but not every time.

When I was in high school, my parents tried to give me the extra protection that they though I needed. They never considered my growing and my developing abilities to take my own decisions and to defend myself from anything evil. I won’t say that is wrong but sometimes when we keep protecting a person from everything, they eventually lose the inbuilt ability to take care of themselves. Think of a child who is always protected from falling down while walking during his learning phase, do you think he could manage to learn to walk? No, he would not. Aiding is good until it makes you paralyzed. Helping is okay, unless it makes you helpless.

My parents always took my decisions- what is good for me, what is not for which I am totally grateful. There was a time when I felt miserable with the extra burden of their protection. I felt I could do everything by myself, take care of myself and keep me protected from all kinds of malice and wickedness. But shamefully, I failed to do that sometimes. I fell down, rose up and fell down again. I saw many ups and downs. Thankfully, my parents were still there to embrace me and shake off the dust. I needed them because I did not have the confidence to stand up all by myself.

After my poor marks in the Higher Secondary Examination, I had left with no choice but to study the subjects I never wanted to. English was my all time favourite subject- I loved it, I loved it like I never liked any other subjects. Writing is English was my hobby. I wanted to study further, about the history of English, the literary classics, about Shakespeare, Milton, Eliot, Byron and others. But, there seemed no way to that because of my marks. I applied in several colleges but all seemed to be vacant with the cream. There was no chance for me to ascent to there. Not in English, I got a rank for Botany and I found my name enlisted for Botany Honours studies. I was strictly against it. I never liked botany. I even got my botany projects done by someone else. How could I think about studying to for three years, that too at the Honour level. It was unfair for me. My father wanted me to study Botany, but I refused. I was so adamant at my stand that my father had to surrender to my will. I did not wait for the colleges to choose me, I decided to continue my Bachelors Degree in English from a correspondent university. Seeing my will power, my father decided to be by me. Now I have completed my Bachelors Degree with good grades and currently pursuing my Masters Degree. I think that was a turning point in my life and in my career when I took that Bold step to take a decision all for myself, all by myself. 

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  1. You are one strong gal..!!
    Loved your style of writing..



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