Baby, Baby, Be Happy

I am the eldest of all my cousins. Sometimes it’s a boon sometimes a curse. But for me, it has always been a boon. My sister and all my cousins are so loving and most importantly they are very obedient (but, I am still an underdog). Being the eldest, I got the opportunity to witness all the babies of the family come home and grow up (I did not wanted to sound like a grandmother). I have seen them as a baby and I am seeing them as grown-ups. That’s really a good thing.

I cannot remember my sister, the only sibling that I have, as a baby because she is only four years younger than me. But, I can surely remember the babyhood of my first cousin. When he was brought home, I was so proud and happy. I got to touch a baby of a few days for the first time. It was more like a toy to me. I helped my aunt doing all his jobs, from cleaning him to hold him. When he was almost five months old, he knew how to and where to stare and he knew to smile at me whenever I tickled him.

The things that made him the happiest was a toy that made annoying sounds, somehow it managed to make him happy and then there was music that kept him company when everybody went to work. Music kept him silent and pacified. After a few months, he used to be happy when he danced, he used to dance like nobody was there. It was fun to see him like that. Jumping, giggling and shaking head like a rockstar. Few months later he loved his walker that again made annoying sounds. He used to toddle all around the house in that. It was so nice to see him like that.

Above everything, he used to be happy when he was dry, when his nappy was changed. He used to jump like a free bird. So happy, that he giggled all the hour. I think, nappy change was the best time in a day for him. Whenever his nappy felt wet, he used to get cranky, throwing all his gadgets and toys. He even refused to walk in his walker. One day, he was cranky the whole day, he cried so madly that his parents become nervous and anxious about his health. So many thoughts came to our minds, it could be a stomachache or any sort of abdominal sickness or anything related to infant diseases. No one had a clue what to do. My uncle was even about to call the doctor, when my grandmother advised that he must be thoroughly checked by his mother before calling a doctor. It could only be because of hunger. But it was a failed attempt to feed him. Then my grandmother realized that his nappy was totally wet and his butt and legs were cold. When the nappy was changed and he was warm again in his mother’s lap, an hour of cry was finally stopped. A dry baby is surely a happy one!

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