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Happiness is a very intriguing thing. Sometimes you discover that you are happy but you are unable to find the reason behind it; sometimes you find the reason to be happy but you are unable to be happy. See, even the explanation of happiness is so much puzzling. Sometime people keep searching for the happiness they desire throughout their life and sometimes happiness itself yields to you. We, as human beings, need to pluck the small flowers of happiness and wreathe them into a garland. Small things are more powerful in order to strain the emotions from you, thus small things make you happier.

As far as my life is concerned, I have always been happy with small, trifling things. The most unexpected things have given me the brightest of smiles. Things that are rightfully mine, that are self-earned and gained through sheer hard work have been the most powerful happiness-generator for me. I think, it is true with everyone in this world. If we differentiate between two same things, one is bought with one’s own money, earned with hard work and the other is given to one as a gift, one could easily distinguish which one has more power to make them happier.

I try to find happiness in almost everything. Not every time I succeed, but I don’t give up. The weirdest of situations and the most minor of things can make me happy. For example, once I was returning from school when I saw a woman begging and her children following her holding the side of her pallu. When I crossed them, one child, mere of an age of five, called me from behind- ‘Didi’. Facing him, I could not control my emotions. He was wearing a dirty, torn and oversized shirt, no pants to hide his legs. His hair uncombed, his face unwashed and he looked like he had not taken bath for several months. It was so heart-wrenching. He was mere a child of five. I had an unopened packet of biscuits in my bag. I took it out from my bag and handed it over to the child. His eyes were sparkling with joy. How happy can that be for me!

This incident was not all. Smallest things have given me the most of the happiness- be that a surprise visit from my boyfriend, my mother’s presentation of my favourite food on an ordinary day, finding a picture from the past, finding anything that was lost long ago, my grandparents’ happiness to see me, cousin’s happiness to receive a gift from me to clicking pictures of an unnamed bird. It’s all about how we see things.

To me, happiness is inevitable if you have the power to find happiness in the most unfavourable of situations. Happiness would yield to you only if you are able to find in the most trivial thing. The delight a small unknown stream or a nameless grass-flower can offer you, no other famous river or blossoming arbour can. We all should keep finding happiness everywhere because Roald Dahl once said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”. Similarly, those who don’t believe that happiness is present everywhere will never obtain it.

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  1. Lovely coming to your blog after so many months.

  2. Ahh, happiness. Only a happy person truly finds happiness in littlest of things. Or to reword that, only a positive person truly finds happiness in littlest of things. :) This post got me thinking for a minute - sort of kept me in check. Well, I'm happy I'm still happy. :D


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