The Story of the Merciless Zits

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess in a castle away from the mainland. She defined beauty- skin like spotless porcelain, locks like golden ocean waves, eyes that poured out innocence and lips that embarrassed the blood-red roses. The only misfortune she had to suffer was the loss of her parents who were the King and the Queen of the small kingdom. The King was defeated and later executed by the present ruler, a cruel woman named Zitea. The Queen was forced to drown herself in the ocean to save her only offspring- the Princess. The Princess was somehow saved as she was blessed with immortality and was considered a charm that can allure several kings and princess to offer their everything in exchange of her.

The Princess was shy and used to sit in the corner of the secluded castle and weep in the memories of her parents all day, every day. She refused to obey the orders of Zitea. Zitea was extremely irritated and furious for all her plans to take possession of the whole territory were failing.

One day Zitea went to visit the Princess in the disguise of a shadow. She was sitting alone in a corner and happily touching her face and was contemplating herself in the mirror. Zitea was mad to see how happy the Princess was to realize how beautiful she was. It enraged her and she put a curse on the Princess to make her ugly forever. According to the curse, the Princess would suffer from zits that would appear every week and would make sure she hates her face whenever she is attacked. She wouldn’t be beautiful anymore, nobody would turn their eyes to see her blemished face.

The Princess knew nothing about it, she did when the first zit appeared on her nose. It was as large as a pea, red and burning. It made her nose look like a clown’s. She was afraid, heart-broken. She cried the whole day wishing it vanishes in thin air. But the prayers didn’t work. Then she tried to rupture it but it multiplied it instead. Now she had a number of them, scattered here and there on her face. She looked ugly, she hated herself, she broke the mirror in fear to see her face again. Her life seemed to be a waste. One day, she touched her face and felt the same soft skin like before. She ran to one of the pieces of the broken mirror and found out that her skin was clear- nothing was there, not a single one.

She was happy but she didn't know her happiness was momentary. The following week it was all the same. Same burning, red spots- multiple of them. It continued, the same appearance and disappearance. Slowly the Princess accepted that as her destiny. When, occasionally, she came out of the castle to buy some daily necessities, people turned their gaze from her, slightly ignoring. Some even laughed, some discussed within themselves and some stared with pity in their eyes. She hated it.

Then one day, an old lady came to visit her with some herbs with her. She told her that she wanted to help her removing her acne. The princess readily accepted her help. The old lady gathered some herbs, Neem, turmeric and menthol and made a paste. She advised the Princess to apply the paste whenever she washes her face, and that should be at least twice a day. The Princess obeyed her and made it a ritual to wash her face thrice a day with the magic paste. It worked! After using it continuously for two weeks, she no longer got any zit in her face. Seeing her curse fail, Zitea burned herself and drowned herself in the sea. Then the Princess retrieved her lost Kingdom. She made sure everyone knows about the magical paste. She made it popular by the name ‘Pure Active’. Soon, she found a prince charming and lived happily ever after.


This post is written for the Indiblogger contest in association with Garnier. 


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