#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob: Who’ll do the Laundry Today?

The mornings start with a whole lot of craziness in everyone’s life, Rina is not an exception. Waking up early is not always a choice but sometimes a must-do for a large number of women. If asked, Rina would definitely say the hardest part of her day is that time when she has to awake her little ones early in the morning. Then have a shower, do the puja, cook breakfast, dress up the children, make their lunch box ready, arrange their school bags and then serve the husband a cup of hot tea is a usual day routine for Rina and almost half of the Indian women. Then comes the bitter part when the husband refuses to help in the kitchen simply because it’s not a ‘manly job’ and if he tries to intervene into the kitchen matters it will harm is ‘manly esteem’, if only anything like that actually exists. Rina looks at the pile of clothes that were waiting to be washed. She was terribly tired with the monotonous schedule she has been burdened with. Why she is the only person to do this when it is everyone’s need. Leave alone washing, nobody even helps her in finding the dirty clothes. By ‘nobody’ she means her husband as her children are too young to be assigned with these tasks.

Husband: Where is the tea, Rina?
Rina: Still on the stove, being ready.
Husband: I haven’t even got the newspaper yet.
Rina: It’s on your way.
Husband: Rina, have you ironed my blue shirt?
Rina: Which one?
Husband: The one I wanted to wear for the meeting today!
Rina: Oh, that is yet to be washed.
Husband: What? How can you be so irresponsible, Rina?
Rina: Who meeting it is?
Husband: Mine.
Rina: Who wears the shirt?
Husband: Me.
Rina: Who makes it dirty?
Husband: Me.., wait, what do you want to say?
Rina: If it all belongs to you, then why it is not your responsibility to clean it?
Husband: What’s the point of this argument, Rina? You’re the woman and you are supposed to do all this!
Rina: Oh, really? What makes you think like that? I have never told you that I enjoy doing the household jobs!
Husband: So what? I am the one who has to go out and earn where you are the one who stays at home. Then, who is supposed to do the chores?
Rina: I do the chores not because I am the only one who stays at home and I am ‘supposed’ to be the only one responsible, I do the chore because I live in this house and it’s my responsibility to keep the place where I live clean. So, technically, you are also supposed to the chores or at least assist me in doing them for you also are a resident of this house.
Husband: What do you want me to do, the laundry and the dishes?
Rina: Why not? What’s wrong in that when you are cleaning the plates you eat in or washing the clothes you wear?
Husband: Okay, if that’s the matter then keep the dishes for tonight for I want to know how it feels to do my own job and keep aside the pile of clothes too, I want to do the laundry also. I hope you are happy now.
Rina: No, not yet.
Husband: What else?
Rina: I am not happy until I see the smile of self-help on your face.

Both of them burst into a laughter.  

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