The Perspective of a Litterbug

There is a special phrase that is echoing all over India now- “Swachh Bharat”, but I doubt how many of us are really following it? In India, people do not practice what they preach and it’s a shame. People keep them always busy by criticizing what others are doing instead looking into the mirror and scrutinize their own flaws and idiocies. I have seen people criticizing about people spitting tobacco on the roads while throwing the burning cigarette ends on the streets absolutely offhandedly. There is a ‘Litterbug’ in every Indian colony. I will show you how ‘The Great Indian Litterbug’s diurnal activities take place and his pretexts for the same, though the form of poetry-

When the sun comes singing, through the eastern sky,
It litters the whole sky by spreading the red cosmic glow,
Then why not I can do the same?
For I love learning from nature’s game.

When the trees keep swaying with the wind, on a breezy day,
They shed the dead leaves on the roads without sweeping and cleaning,
Then why not I can do the same?
For I love learning from nature’s game.

When the cows and goats litter on the road,
Nobody seems to give a second look,
But when I only spit on ground,
Several men behold me with furious gaze.
What wrong is in giving back things?
What nature gives me I just return simply!

When doggies lift their legs against some poles,
No one screams ‘What’s this?’ and ‘Shame!’
But when I do that same thing again,
People make faces and grit their teeth.
I don’t get that at all times,
How can someone ignore the calls from nature?

When you go to Vegas or Dubai,
You pose before the beautiful fountains,
But when I recreate the same for you,
By spurting and gurgling water from my own
It always becomes ‘Shame on him!’ and ‘Disgusting’
Why? Dare I ask?

Why can’t I write on the walls of Taj,
And on the Qutub Minar and Red fort?
Why can’t you see it’s just a little wish,
To include in the history by inscribing on it.
It’s our heritage I am aware of that,
But what’s so wrong about be a part of it?

I can only say it’s a matter of fact
That you all are green-eyed,
Jealous of my easy-going nature,
My slap-happy manner,
My happy-go-lucky approach.

I can only say, my friends,
And fellow countrymen,
If you can’t do then don’t,
But why pulling me down?
It can only be better by take and give,
Just scream the phrase ‘Live and let live’.

Disclaimer: I apologize if I have hurt any ‘Litterbug’s sentiments in my poem. This poem is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any ‘Litterbug’ living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Do you know any ‘Great Indian Litterbug’? Let me know in the comments. 

This post in written for the IndiBlogger Hapy Hours 'The Great Indian Litterbug' Campaign in association with The Times of India.


  1. A perfect, thought-provoking post and bang on, Sayantini for speaking the truth that plague us. Why can't India be clean? Let's reflect and do our bit.


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