Random Rambling | Day #1- Confession

I am kind of a whimsical girl when it comes to write blog-posts. May be I am a little bit lazy to write everyday or thrice a week. When I started to write on my blog, some of the bloggers advised me to write frequently on the blog, but, when it came to write practically, I got confused. I actually had nothing on my mind to write about. After then, I made a long journey to this state now. I am a member of some blogs and websites that give me a prompt every week to write about it. So, this means what I actually write is just an influenced post  and not any spontaneous post.

I have been thinking of it for a few days and feeling disgusted. A real blogger writes for herself too. I discovered that I haven't actually unveiled myself to my readers. I feel guilty about it. So, I have finally decided to launch a new segment on my blog, that will be called Random Rambling henceforth. And, as the name suggests, it would completely be a bunch of random posts, basically whimsical ramblings. I am sure, in this way, I can introduce myself to you a little bit more prominently.

Thanks for reading this post.

[Disclaimer: This post is NOT linked to anything.]


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