Don't Look Back

Don’t look back in love,
I am resolute  to go,
Leaving this treacherous world behind,
And, these pretentious bonds,
I am destined to go.

Close your impulsive eyes.
You never looked at me like before,
You never will do the same,
If I stay by your side now.
Stop your callous tears,
They are of no gain.
Your deception is reflecting on them,
I can see their evil grin.

 Why this pretence even now?
I melt more than I could,
Now I am too hard to be dissolved,
I won’t give you a chance to bash again.

Look, what destiny has planned for you,
You’re still standing on that bridge,
The bridge, where we first met,
And, vowed to be together forever.
The bridge will witness again,
Our meeting, but for the last time ever.

Maybe there was bit of truth in your love,
Maybe I was wrong, but still,
I would choose to go.
Maybe I am not worthy of it.
I wished for some love,
But from the wrong person, I think.

Don’t look back in love,
Love doesn't mean anything to me,
Pretence has more powerfully
Engraved upon my heart.

Close your impulsive eyes,
Impulse has destroyed me,
Now leave my way to hell,
Your eyes will never allow me.

One more minute I wait,
I will lose my path,
Love will bite my neck again,
Again I will be the slave of love.
The bridge is smiling again,
And the birds are chirping the same,
Like it happened before,
When we first met.

I am afraid I smell it again,
The déjà vu is killing me from inside,
No more I want to be loved,
No more I want to die.

Your smiles suddenly seem to be pure,
Suddenly your love seems to be so true,
What happened, I am still in daze,
But it’s likely to be real.

The poem is written as per the above photo-prompt.
Photo Courtesy: WriteUpCafe-IBL


  1. Awwww, this is beautiful. As beautiful as your eyes, pretty lady. :)

  2. Great Lines...Very nicely depicted the agony of Love.. :-)

  3. Love will bite my neck again,

    I loved this expression :))

  4. so much love .. well written !

  5. the exotic seting and touch of romance in this! Love this, Sayantini :)

  6. love is addictive ... apt to the theme.. fabulous poem!! :)

  7. Nice compilation ... amazing weave of words

  8. The longing and the pain ... wow ... I am a fan of your longer poems, and this one just increases my admiration for your words !!!

    1. It feels really great when I get compliments from the person I respect so much! Thank you so much for appreciating my work :)

  9. You are really good with words!!!

    Bong's Belleza
    Have a happy Tabloid Tuesday

  10. That is beautiful <3 <3 I know the feeling


  11. "I melt more than I could,Now I am too hard to be dissolved" - wonderfully worded.


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