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Firstly, I must admit that I am not a sports person. My sister is the only one who literally drags me to sports. Cricket is her favourite among all. Despite being an anti-sports person, I can't miss the IPL matches or the World Cup. Can any Indian miss them? No.

You must visit my home during the IPL or the World Cup. The first thing you would hear is my sister screaming on the players telling them to buck up and fight like heroes (insane!). Then you would notice a messy living room with cushions scattered here and there, my sister sitting on the sofa (actually half-lying) grabbing her bowl of snacks with a terribly anxious expression on her face. That is a usual scenario. 

My sister is the only person who insists me to sit with her and watch the matches heedfully. Though I was always told that an unwilling horse can never be fed, I can see it is just the opposite in my case. I actually start to like the match and end up really enjoying it. But, I am a student, I have my classes and coaching. If it's a live match and I have some appointments for that day, it's quite obvious that I will miss the whole thing. Hopefully it is 21st century and 'almost' all of us are blessed with smart phones and the countless apps that come with a smart phone. Some of them help you to watch a live match or a TV show. I think this is great for those who are always travelling and barely get any time to catch up with their favourite shows and important matches. No one will miss a single second of a hair-raising match. 

I recently got to know about UC Browser and how fast it is. I have it installed on my phone. It amazes me that this app takes a minimum space in your phone. It plays any video with a minimum buffering which is amazing. The high speed makes it really useful and worth a try. Back when I had a normal phone, I would just count on the free automated SMSs that my telecom service provided or I would just call up my sister and asked for the scores. How do you keep yourself updated with the scores when you are not at home?

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