No More Bad Smells!

What comes first in your mind when you hear the words 'smell' and 'home'? For me, I always end up imagining a neat and tidy room with squeaky clean cushions which might smell like fresh flowers like jasmine or peonies. I am a messy person and I always leave my room in a hurry creating a mess, but when it comes to return home, I always expect my room to be tidy as it was never used. Thanks to my mother, it always goes that way. I don't know what I would do without her! 

I strongly believe cleanliness has a intense connection with one's mood. Let's discuss what happens in the different situations when we enter a tidy or an untidy room. I am showing you from my perspective-

  Tidy Room Scenario                                                                                           

1. Enter home with a smile and hug mother. 

2. Make a cup of tea, sit on the sofa, play the 
music system and chillax!                                    
3. Talk to mother about what I did that entire day.
4. Feel light and start to work till midnight. 


 Untidy Room Scenario

1. Enter home with a grumpy face, throw the bag on the sofa (carefully taking out the phone of  course!) and call mother screaming like a zombie!

2. Go to bedroom straight away, 
 turn on the AC and enter the zombie-zone.

3. Keep whining about how
crowded the train was, how torturous the journey was and how idiotic some people were that day!

4. Put my headphones on and jump
 into the bed, grumpily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
I am sure that's everyone's story. Now guess how it would have been if your house smelt like freshly bloomed peonies! Divine, isn't it? This is exactly why I love Ambi Pur. It instantly changes the whole ambiance and most importantly is does not have a strong smell unlike most other room-fresheners. This one has become my favourite now. 

Let me show you what changes can be made to make a smelly house to a smiley house. 

Step 1: Keep your laundries aside.
Step 2: Decorate with fresh flowers.
Step 3: Regularly change your cushion-covers, pillow covers and throws. Don't forget about the carpet.
Step 4: Spray Ambi Pur Air Effects Blossoms & Breeze everywhere, especially on to the curtains.

The best thing about a awesome-smelling house is it just makes your mind so light. No matter how rough your day was, no matter how much you struggled to reach home, a good-smelling house always work in de-stressing your mind and your body as well. 

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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