A Healthy home is a Happy home

The key behind every success story is ultimate happiness, and a happy life is a result of a healthy life, a healthy practice. A child that smiles is a child who is healthy. We are always told that health is wealth, surely it is. We can’t imagine a happy home with a child who always falls sick. I have seen it myself. My sister has a low-immunity system, when she was very young, mere a baby, she had diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia. It’s a disease that causes fever, breathing problems etc. Although even I was very young to understand all these but the worried faces of my parents made me very upset. Even today, she easily catches cold.

I know how hard it is for the parents of a baby who falls sick all the time. It changes the whole atmosphere for them. A healthy, happy child is all that every parent wants.

Children are the future of the country. So, if we do not take care of their health what will happen to their future and present as well. Proper diet, minor exercises, outdoor games and walking help a child to adopt a healthy practice, a healthy routine. In today’s life parents are so busy with their work that they fail to give attention to the basic needs of a child. Feeding them and putting them to sleep is not the fundamental duty of the parents- building a healthy practice, making them creative in every way and making them friendly with the nature are also very important.

Keeping their children safe from any outward threat is the duty of the parents, side by side teaching them the benefits of healthy food and healthy habit is also important aspects of parenting. The importance of health has always been the same, your body is the temple of your soul, that is what children are taught. Thus, keeping them healthy, vaccinating them regularly is utterly important. Some practices that should be taught to children are-
  1. Washing hands before eating, as we Indians prefer to eat with the help of our hands.
  2. Covering their food if they have to leave the place.
  3. Sit straight while eating.
  4. Chew their food at least 15 times before swallowing.
  5.  Drinking adequate water.
  6. Taking a walk after eating heavy meals.
  7. Avoiding cut fruits and uncovered food.
  8. Carrying and drinking filtered water.
  9. Cover their nose while walking in the roads etc.
We should always remember that the child in the house is the only source of freshness and positivity we long for. It the child stays fit, keeps good health then the entirely family will be happy. A healthy child is a happy child, hence a healthy home is a happy home.

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  1. yes, you are perceptive my young friend


  2. I cannot agree with you more. And healthy home includes the physical and spiritual aspects. :-)


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